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  • Malvern Prep Students Reflect on Visit to See Pope in Armenia

    The rising seniors at Malvern Preparatory School returned Sunday from meeting with the pope in Armenia. The students were met with cheers from their family and friends, a warm welcome back home.
  • Sharing Authentic Learning with Progressive Minds

    As technology develops more quickly, so do the minds of our young students. Today, the job of educators is to guide these progressive minds to ready them for the world they live in. Malvern Prep’s year-end Sixth Grade Academy Gallery Walk provided students with a culminating opportunity to reflect on what they learned in the 2015-16 school year, share their learning in a public and authentic way, and demonstrate the core skills to engage their audience in an interactive experience.

  • UPenn's Wharton School Turns to Malvern Prep for Exercise in Collaboration

    Who did the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business call when they wanted to teach their MBA students the importance of collaboration? Malvern Prep! More specifically, Malvern's championship Rowing team!

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