Nassib '11 Purchases Wheelchair Accessible Van for Family

Carl Nassib '11, defensive end for the Las Vegas Raiders, recently purchased a wheelchair accessible van for the Marianetti family after being touched by their story on social media.

Michael Marinetti was diagnosed with MS in 1998 and the family was looking to purchase a wheelchair accessible van. Nassib came across the story on social media and reached out to the family, offering to purchase the new van for them.

In a message to the family, Nassib noted, "I am a Christian and have a strong faith in God like yourselves. I would very much like to purchase you a new wheelchair accessible van. I have played for the NFL for five years now and would have no way gotten to this point without God by my side. I have promised Him I will always pay it forward and He decided to show your profile on my explore page. I couldn't ignore it."

In an Instagram post thanking Nassib, Leilanie Marinetti posted, "Carl, we can not find the words to describe the gratitude we have for you. You exude a light so bright I hope others can be inspired by you to be a blessing to others and to have God in their lives. Your story is a testimony to how GOOD and how GREAT our GOD is."

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