Malvern Prep Clenches First Seed in the Triple A Flyers Cup Division

On Friday, March 19, 2021, the Malvern Prep Friars beat St. Joe's Prep 5-1 at their home rink of Skatium for the APAC competition. This was the last regular-season game for the Friars; however, the season is far from over for them. With only one loss throughout the Triple A league, the Friars have a first-place ranking heading into playoffs.

The Flyers Cup quarter-final games will take place on March 29, 2021, at Grundy Ice Area. The arena has been named the location of all playoff games while the semi-finals and championship game goes to the home rink of the higher seed.

The Friars were off to the races at the drop of the puck. With seconds to go in the first period, Chris Blango '21 swiped the puck in goal, stumping St. Joe's Prep goaltender, Andrew Custer. St. Joe's scrambled to recoup and fell short when Ryan Sambuco '21 curved down in front of the net to knock a loose puck between the bars. Pierre Larocque took a drive-in net from the outer bend of the rink and was successful in putting the Friars up by three. The Friars make their mark at the start of this game. To get up by just one more, Gavin Wilson '23 rushes the puck into the corner net from a line drive assist by Jonathan Holt '24.

The Friars steered far from loosening the chains on the offensive momentum in the second period. With a four-point lead, they were eager for more, and St. Joe's Prep was ready to get involved. With St. Joe's Prep starting goalie, Rocco Bruno, swapped into the goal, the Friars 14 shots on goal were successful by one compared to four out of the 15 during the first. St. Joe's Prep ranked on the defensive pressure and continued the period with a goal by Jeffery Hammond. Much of the second period consisted of the Friars striving to keep their lead, which was added to by Jack Costabile '21 leaving 3:35 left on the board.

The teams were headed into the third period and Quinn Dougherty '22 reflected on the heat of the first period stating, "The team was doing really well on the powerplays, we had really nice shots at the beginning of the game."

St. Joe's Prep participated in two holds and two slashes against the Friars in the first as they reciprocated three other misconducts paired with four goals.

Dougherty shared, "Boys were taking nice rushes and the fans were really getting into the game which helped us out; just a great atmosphere here on Friday at Skatium."

The once average competitive atmosphere took a coarse turn for the teams considering the disorderly 18 penalties, much of which took place in the third period. No goals were completed during the final period of the game and the two teams came to abidance with their standings for the Flyers Cup. Malvern Prep clenched the leading title for the division, while St. Joe's Prep is fourth out of five teams.

Dougherty touches on the Friars momentum for the Flyers Cup stating, "We shouldn't be changing up much, we're rolling into it with a three-win sweep off of St. Joe's. I think we keep doing what we're doing, fix the little things, and keep playing."


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