Malvern Students Making an Impact Towards the Fight Against COVID-19

Beginning last May, and lasting through the height of the pandemic, ten Malvern students contributed to the fight against COVID-19 by manufacturing, packaging, and distributing COVID-19 testing kits at Dyad Enterprise's facility in King of Prussia, PA.

Chris Buysse, Ryan Davis, Henry Heeb, Gavin Kane, Evan Kent, Hans Kiernan, Jett Neily, Andrew Ragaglia, Roman Vernisi, and Alex Vu stepped up to provide their time and work ethic. Their daily tasks included assembling the kits in bags, arranging box shipments, and loading those shipments onto trucks. In total, this group contributed to producing over 10 million COVID Collection Kits to help protect our local community, along with businesses, schools, and individuals throughout the US. Dyad provided jobs to over 500 individuals throughout the pandemic.

"Dyad has given me a unique opportunity to work a fulfilling job with many other like-minded individuals looking to help out and make a difference in a dire time," shared Vu.

According to Ragaglia, "it started out as just a job that started over the summer, but from my very first day, I realized that Dyad is much more than a job. It is a community of people that became close friends by achieving the same goal, which was to do whatever we could to help combat the pandemic. It was an uplifting experience that changed who I was as a person for the better and gave me memories and bonds I will never forget."

Buysse reflected on the friendships and sense of purpose he found. "I began work at Dyad toward the end of the school year. It helped me make new friends, make the summer days go by, and made me feel like I was contributing to fight the pandemic. I had a ton of awesome memories at Dyad and met some incredible friends there. It is, without a doubt, the most unique thing I've ever been a part of and truly loved working there."

The opportunity for our students to work at Dyad Enterprise came about through word of mouth from colleagues at other schools. The team at Dyad consisted of about 85% of high school and college students from local public and private schools.