Malvern Theatre Society Presents The War of the Worlds

  • Middle School
  • Upper School

The Show Must Go On!!!

With the world facing many challenges due to the pandemic, Malvern Theatre Society Director, Dr. Jim Fry, knew in his heart that “the show must go on.” He made a commitment to himself and the school that we will continue producing theatre in some capacity this year. In speaking with some of the Malvern students this summer it was unanimous that they didn’t care what they did, they “just wanted to perform.” For many students, this is their home and their passion, and Dr. Fry wanted to make sure we continued to allow them to use their creativity to bring theatre to our community. Despite the crazy times that we are experiencing, Dr. Fry is indeed excited to be able to continue the MTS tradition with our first production for the 2020-2021 school year, The War of the Worlds

As a thank you to the Malvern Prep Community and all of its supporters, we are excited to be able to offer The War of the Worlds virtually. I am extremely proud of the entire cast for the willingness to and excitement in bringing this real story to life. A special acknowledgment goes to students Colin Campbell '22, Tyler Kinka '23, and Joshua DeStefano '24 for their incredible work and expertise in editing this entire production!

We hope you enjoy the show and look forward to seeing some of you at our next production of Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol in December. View that cast list here.