Nine Students Inducted into Chinese Honor Society

On Wednesday, March 17, 2021, nine students were inducted into the Chinese Honor Society. Congratulations to Andrew Harder '21, Riley McCarry '21 (President), Thomas Wang '21, Vijay Ramakrishnan '22, Aidan Fowler '23, Michael Geary '23, Thomas Moul '23, Jack Stead '23, and Brady Tierney '23.

During the ceremony, each student lit a candle with the mother candle to signify their unity within the group. Following, McCarry read an oath, which each member repeated in unison.

"It was truly a great experience and we got to enjoy some Chinese candy and snacks after the induction," shared McCarry.

"I like to see students join because he has a genuine interest in the Chinese language and culture, as well as seeking to build his character and leadership in service by becoming a global citizen in the 21st century," said Mrs. Michele DelGiorno, Chinese Teacher.

Paul Gleason '20 and Holden Langdon '20 worked with McCarry and Wang, along with Mrs. DelGiorno, to start the Chinese Honor Society. Gleason and Langdon graduated in 2020 wearing the first-ever Chinese Honor Society cords.

This year, the group is focused on putting together videos, photos, and messages onto a KudoBoard (similar to a message board) for the Chinese Exchange Students who have not been able to be on campus and are taking classes while overseas.