Inclusivity and Belonging

As an independent, Augustinian educational institution for young men, Malvern Prep strives to emulate St. Augustine's inclusion of and support for underrepresented peoples.

Like St. Augustine, we believe that God is the Father of all creation. This is why Malvern Prep celebrates diversity in the Church and the world.  Accordingly, at Malvern we welcome diversity of all types and integrate our commitment to diversify into the day-to-day academic, athletic, social, and spiritual development of every member of the Malvern community.

Malvern Prep works proudly in many ways to reflect the diversity of the world and to make clear that "all are welcomed, all are valued".

As one part of this effort, we are committed to increasing the diversity of our faculty, staff, and student body. As another part of this effort, we are committed to an interdisciplinary, multi-cultural curriculum. Our Augustinian values guide the ways by which we deliver such a curriculum to students of all walks of life.

We are confident that our commitment to Inclusivity and Belonging through St. Augustine's values, will ensure that we continue to provide a positive experience to a diverse student body, their families, and employees from all walks of life.

Danielle Suber

Danielle Suber

Head of Inclusivity & Belonging
A student shows a teacher work he has completed on his computer.


Our educators emphasize creative and respectful engagement of our students, welcoming all perspectives. Creative and respectful engagement enables a safe environment for intellectual, cultural, social, and philosophical ideas and traditions to be shared. We encourage our students to seek truth within themselves and others daily.

Two students collaborate on a project in the classroom.


Our students believe in Friar Brotherhood, a dedication to Unity and a strong bond with each other. Students engage in social activities such as Brotherhood Days that allow them to share their experiences and learn from each other. We intentionally expose our students to experiences and activities that allow them to think critically about the world around them.

A teacher review a students work in the classroom.


Our community demonstrates a commitment to exceptional love. Leading with our hearts, we embrace and support people from all backgrounds. Inspired by Christ, our mission is to love as he did and let that love shine through our actions daily.

In addition to these principles Malvern continuously strives to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive community in the following ways:
  • Examining our policies and procedures to ensure we offer a welcoming and inclusive environment for all students of all backgrounds 

  • Actively recruiting faculty, staff, students and families of diverse backgrounds and experiences to enrich our campus

  • Enriching our curriculums to include educational opportunities from various cultural experiences and perspectives

  • Providing personal and professional development opportunities and exercises for our entire community that challenge us to think outside ourselves and our community

  • Partnering with the outside community to discuss and explore global issues and concerns

students working together on a computer