Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As a Catholic, Augustinian educational institution for young men, Malvern Prep endeavors to integrate St. Augustine's values of Truth, Unity, and Love into all that we do. Like St. Augustine, we believe that God is the Father of all creation. This is why Malvern Prep celebrates diversity in the Church and the world. We especially strive to emulate Jesus Christ and St. Augustine's inclusion of and support for underrepresented peoples. Accordingly, at Malvern we welcome diversity of all types and integrate our commitment to diversify into the day-to-day academic, athletic, social, and spiritual development of every member of the Malvern community.

Malvern Prep works proudly in many ways to reflect the diversity of the world and to make clear that "all are welcomed, all are valued".

As one part of this effort, we are committed to increasing the diversity of our faculty, staff, and student body. As another part of this effort, we are committed to an interdisciplinary, multi-cultural curriculum. Our Augustinian values guide the ways by which we deliver such a curriculum to students of all walks of life.

We are confident that our commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through St. Augustine's values, will ensure that we continue to provide a positive experience to a diverse student body, their families, and employees from all walks of life.


Our educators emphasize creative and respectful engagement with all perspectives. Creative and respectful engagement enables every intellectual tradition, cultural heritage, social group, or philosophical stance to journey closer to the Truth.


Our educators emphasize giving voice to, and listening to, diverse members as a way to build unity. By including all members as partners, Malvern forms leaders for an ever-changing global environment.



Our educators emphasize the creation of a welcoming and loving environment. A loving atmosphere best helps students acquire knowledge. That knowledge subsequently grows into wisdom through co-operative, respectful, and lively exchanges among many cultures and social groups.

Our SEED Statement

St. Augustine said, "We need the gifts of others to make up for what is lacking in ourselves." In embracing this journey to our true selves, Malvern Prep has made a commitment to support all faculty and staff in taking part in a SEED experience.

According to the National SEED Project website, "The National SEED Project (SM) is a peer-led professional development program that creates conversational communities to drive personal, organizational, and societal change toward greater equity and diversity. We do this by training individuals to facilitate ongoing seminars within their own institutions and communities. SEED leaders design their seminars to include personal reflection and testimony, listening to others' voices, and learning experientially and collectively. Through this methodology, SEED equips us to connect our lives to one another and to society at large by acknowledging systems of oppression, powers, and privilege." It is through these conversations that participants better know themselves and others.