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Malvern Community Celebrates Annual Scholarship Breakfast

On Wednesday, October 20, Malvern Prep held the annual Scholarship Mass and Breakfast Reception. Scholarship recipients, their families, and benefactors were invited to celebrate Mass with the entire school community, followed by breakfast outside on the beautiful Quad.

Paul Hornsleth ’64 P’96’02, who along with his family, set up the Erika Hornsleth Memorial Scholarship, and Patrick Owen Rooney ’22, recipient of the Erika Hornsleth Memorial Scholarship spoke about the impact a scholarship makes on behalf of a donor and recipient. 

Mr. Hornsleth vocalized how important it is to fully immerse yourself in Malvern and to truly enjoy the Malvern experience. “The Malvern experience is for a lifetime,” he noted.   

Rooney shared how the Erika Hornsleth Memorial Scholarship has given him tremendous opportunities and allowed him to receive a Malvern education. “Malvern has shaped me into who I am today and who I will be for the rest of my life. I will always be a Malvern Friar and, for that, I am so thankful,” expressed Rooney. 

View photos from the event here