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Malvern Prep Welcomes the Class of 2025 with Brotherhood Ceremony

On Wednesday, September 22, members of Malvern Prep’s Class of 2025, as well as new members of the classes of 2023 and 2024, were formally welcomed into the Malvern community during the Brotherhood Ceremony in the O’Neill Sports Center.

Fr. Christopher Drennen, O.S.A. ’73 provided the homily and addressed the newest friar brothers, “In many ways, we are all different, but today we celebrate what we have in common...we need to recognize and celebrate our diversity but never forget the unity that we have as Malvern friars and Malvern families.”

Drennen reminded the students that “you need the higher power, that power we know is God the Father, Jesus Christ. Call upon that power. You are not doing this alone, you are doing it with God’s strength, with your brothers, with the community, and ultimately you are doing it because you look deep inside yourself, and you are finding your restless heart and what it calls you to do.” Drennen closed by thanking all of the new friar brothers for the gifts they have brought to the Malvern Community.

Each student began the ceremony by sitting with their parents/guardians. They were then presented with a medal of St. Augustine, which was placed around his neck by his parents/guardian. These medals depict the image of St. Augustine, the founder of the Augustinian Order of priests who established and support Malvern Prep. Each student and his family were then blessed by one of the four Augustinian Friars participating in the ceremony. The new Malvern brothers then signed their names in a Class of 2025 ledger, symbolizing their acceptance into the Malvern community. They returned to sit with their classmates, rather than their parents/guardians, signifying their membership into the Brotherhood.

Click here to view photos from the event.