Malvern's ChemClub Group Demonstrates Experiments to 8th Graders

  • Middle School
  • Upper School
Malvern's ChemClub Group Demonstrates Experiments to 8th Graders

On Monday, March 20, Malvern's ChemClub planned a diverse range of chemistry-centric activities for Middle School students to experience throughout Sullivan Hall.

The 8th graders were assigned to small groups that rotated around five stations, which included: Silver and Brass Pennies (Ojas Sharma '24 and Davis Woerner '24), Blue Bottle (Alex Daoud '23 and Ryan McLaughlin '23), Series of Reactions with Silver (Peter Hicks '25 and Harrison Kershner '25), Milk of Magnesia (Will Hicks '23 and Jack Rosenberger '23), and The World's Smallest Tree (Luke Kavka-Coogan '25).

Students had a great time traveling from station to station to interact with the various demonstrations.

"My favorite experiment was when we shook the bottle and made the liquid go from clear to purple," shared Will Bergan '27.

"It was fun to see the small tree that was created under the microscope," said Luke Arbogast '27.

"It was fun to see how they changed the color of the pennies," reflected Angus Buon '27.

The ChemClub initiative aids Middle and Upper School students in leading extracurricular chemistry experiments. Through this program, students involved in this club are presented with an exceptional chance to explore chemistry outside of the traditional classroom setting.