Mateo Alban ’27 Raises $6K for Chester County Food Bank

  • Upper School
Mateo Alban ’27 Raises $6K for Chester County Food Bank

On Wednesday, January 24, Malvern Preparatory School held a check presentation ceremony with freshman student, Mateo Alban ’27, who raised $6,000 for the Chester County Food Bank

As the son of a first-generation immigrant from Peru, Mateo has witnessed first-hand the effects of poverty and food insecurity on the people who live there. So, when Mateo learned that even neighbors in his Chester County hometown struggle with food insecurity, he saw this as an opportunity to make an impact.

At 14 years old, with his tech skills and passion for giving back, Mateo raised $6,000 through a virtual food drive in support of the Chester County Food Bank - the central hunger relief organization in Chester County.

“Mateo’s passion for giving is a testament to the power of one individual to spark meaningful change,” said Andrea Youndt, CEO of the Chester County Food Bank. “Young people are the future, and their compassion will help lead the way in breaking the cycles of food insecurity.”

Mateo was inspired by the many opportunities to give back. One mentor who stands out to him is Mrs. Kelly Catania P’21’23, Director of Christian Service at Malvern Prep.

“We encourage our students to engage in Christian Service work that is meaningful for them. Mateo is a perfect example for other students and young people to show that they can make a difference, regardless of age, especially when they find a project that speaks to them,” shares Mrs. Kelly Catania P'21'23, Director of Christian Service.

Head of School, Mr. Patrick Sillup adds, “Mateo's passion for this work is representative of the values we instill at Malvern Prep - preparing young men to become enterprising members of society who strive to make a difference in their community. We are so proud to have him as a member of our school community.”

Mateo hopes this serves as a reminder to his peers of the importance of giving back. “We are extremely fortunate to attend a school such as Malvern Prep,” he said, “and we need to work together to spread good, especially in our local community.”