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The Positive Impact of Service-Learning on High School Students

The Positive Impact of Service-Learning on High School Students

At Malvern Preparatory, we have an illustrious history of providing meaningful service-learning opportunities for our students. Whether a group of students is hopping on a plane to Peru to help rebuild an orphanage or Grade 10 is being bused to Philadelphia to prepare meals for the homeless, we place a strong emphasis on the academic, spiritual, and developmental importance of learning through service.

We believe that student’s viewpoints should be challenged, inspired, and even changed through personal interactions and quality time spent with those whose journey is different from theirs. We also know that service-learning can provide academic and professional benefits for students in the long run. Below, we’ve listed three integral ways in which service-learning can make a tangible impact on students.

Personal Development: 

At the heart of community service, groups come together to cultivate time, resources, and enthusiasm in order to help those in negative predicaments. Studies show, however, that service-learning also enables a type of self-discovery and personal growth for students that’s difficult to achieve otherwise. These experiences incorporate both personal and interpersonal development, emphasize integral themes of race, income, and culture societally, and encourage inward thinking to help build perspective. Morally, students are introduced to living situations that transcend their outlooks and help guide them toward seeking objectives rooted in justice. 

Making an Impact:

Not because of a lack of confidence or passion, but many high school students may question their ability to make legitimate impacts on the community, (or the world!), at such a young age. It’s possible that they could feel limited by their societal status or lack of resources, but one of the most positive impacts of service-learning is the ability to showcase the idea that even high school students can truly make a difference. Developing a commitment to service reinforces the idea that students should set goals, take chances, and excel outside of the classroom. Becoming engaged civically at a young age can inspire the next generation of service-oriented individuals to set forth and change the world. 

Professional Development: 

The best volunteer opportunities for high school students create experiences for them to grow as individuals and develop transferable resume builders at the same time. Service-learning indicates to college admissions professionals, (and even future career hirers), that students are able to take core lessons learned through academics and apply them directly to real-world situations. They similarly display favorable characteristics like leadership prowess, critical problem-solving capabilities, communication skills, and solution-based empathy. A candidate that willingly and enthusiastically participates in charitable events and service projects could become more desirable through applications or resumes.

Malvern Prep Service: 

Service opportunities at Malvern Prep go far beyond the status quo. We’ve identified the engagement with in-need communities locally and globally as a core mission of our institution. As a high school requirement, every student must participate in one Christian Service experience during the school year. Beyond that however, Malvern students are encouraged and provided with far more opportunities, events, clubs, and trips that revolve around service. Also, during the summer before senior year, each student embarks on an intensive journey of domestic or international service to destinations such as South Africa, Peru, New Orleans, and more!

As an Augustinian institution rooted in Truth, Unity, and Love, Malvern incorporates the most valuable volunteer opportunities for students. We help students put their faith into practice by collaborating as brothers for the greater good of the community around us. Our commitment is to integrate Christian Service as a tool to help the underprivileged and mold well-rounded young men at the same time. Find out more about Malvern Prep and connect with us here today.