The Strong Benefits Of Attending A College Preparatory School

The Strong Benefits Of Attending A College Preparatory School

Sending your child off to college is often one of the most difficult things for a parent to do. Beyond the fear of your son or daughter moving away from home, many parents are concerned about how their child will fare with a new challenging experience on their own. As a parent, you want to ensure that your child is fully prepared for this next chapter of their lives. 

One way to provide you with clarity and your child with confidence is to enroll them in a college preparatory school. Prep schools provide an independent learning environment that can be instrumental in the transition period from high school to college. Not only do they offer unique learning opportunities, but they also ensure to college administrators that your child has a strong educational foundation. 

What is Prep School? 

Preparatory schools are private educational institutions that employ collegiate learning initiatives and prepare middle or high school students for the next level of academia. Their schedules, campus, student activities or clubs, and more are designed to mirror the experience of college students. 

Benefits of College Prep School:

Academic Rigor: 

College courses can be extremely overwhelming for first-year students. There are longer essays, the introduction of foreign concepts, and a general difficulty in managing and multitasking. This is perhaps the biggest reason why college readiness is so important. Prep schools are equipped with advanced resources, facilities, and faculty members. They also can offer far more opportunities to take college-level courses, AP courses, and honors classes. 


Preparatory schools enable young students to adopt a sense of accountability for their own work. They will be encouraged to develop critical time management skills and learn to balance academics, the arts, athletics, and social life. Prep students are also expected to join or create their own clubs or groups on campus based on their passions, talents, or interests. 

Intimate Learning Opportunities:

Despite rigorous academic requirements and difficult course criteria, preparatory schools are designed to be tremendously supportive. The best college prep schools have intimate student-to-teacher ratios that encourage extra-learning, help students build strong relationships with educators, and ensure that struggling students are monitored and receive personalized assistance. This type of continued guidance and intimacy is often impossible in public schools due to sheer numbers. 

Malvern Preparatory School cultivates all of the beneficial qualities of a traditional prep school but does so while shaping young men with a foundation in faith. As an independent, Augustinian institution, we engrave the three Augustinian Core Values of Truth, Unity, and Love in all of our students: 

Truth: We encourage Malvern men to seek the truth and seek God in all aspects of life, both on our campus and far beyond. 

Unity: Malvern alumni truly reflect on their time here and know that they’ve found brothers for life. 

Love: Embracing both the love of God through prayer and the love of our neighbor through regular community service activities.

Are you looking to find out more about why college readiness is so important for your child? Connect with us today to schedule a tour of our campus or learn more about our mission.