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Summer is here, and it is a great time for children to take a break from their school routines and enjoy some much-deserved downtime with family and friends. But, these lapses in learning can have a considerable impact on a child’s mental acuity. Summer learning loss is a significant problem, leading children to renounce valuable knowledge and skills over their vacation. Just because school is almost out for the year, it does not mean that there needs to be a break in educational processes for students. Below we highlight several summer learning resources that can contribute to your child’s continued success as a student at Malvern Prep.

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Graduation 2021

Preparing for graduation and the next phase of your life can be overwhelming at times. During your senior year, you are presented with many significant decisions, in addition to the numerous things you have to do to prepare for your college admission. It is essential to start prepping for your future now while you’re still in high school. We’ve compiled a “preparing for college checklist” to help you use your time wisely and navigate the college admissions process like a professional.

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Students Taking an Exam

Preparing for entrance exams can be intimidating and frightening for some teenagers and young adults. With everything going on in their lives, like schoolwork, homework, and extracurricular activities, finding the time to prepare and study can be challenging. Entrance exams are the first step in determining a student's future, so they must start their journey on the right foot. While no two students are alike, having a solid preparation plan can lead them on the path to success. Today we are sharing a few tips to help students prepare for an entrance exam.

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In-school counselors are an integral part of the educational system. Many guidance and counseling services in schools provide valuable information and perspective to students seeking direction throughout their academic careers. Additionally, counseling programs have a positive impact on various other groups of people throughout the school system. Understanding the benefits of an in-school counselor can help students, parents, teachers, and administrators recognize the importance of these services and why Malvern Prep supports their integration into our school. Below we will highlight the role of guidance and counseling services at Malvern and why we believe they help our students thrive.  

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