3 Ways Art Classes Enrich The Mind of a Student


3 Ways Art Classes Enrich The Mind of a Student

Starting at infancy, humans are constantly encouraged to interact with the arts in some capacity. Whether it’s fun craft projects to keep preschoolers entertained or studying the works of renowned artists from history, the desire to create is omnipresent. Around our nation’s high schools, however, the arts have often taken a backseat to other focuses. 

Incredible art pieces or installations are often admired in their final state, yet at Malvern Prep, we emphasize the ways in which the artistic process can benefit our students intellectually, culturally, and professionally. Our state-of-the-art Duffy Arts Center, along with an esteemed staff of educators, provide unparalleled possibilities for our students to enhance their abilities not only as artists, but as young men. 

The many benefits of art classes in school have proven to be instrumental to the way that students learn other subjects and strengthen their existing talents. Below, we’ve listed three critical ways in which dedicated art programs can enrich the mind of students. 

Critical Skill Development: 

The process of creating artwork requires a certain skill set, organization, and focus that mirror that of the professional world. Before any painting, molding, or building starts, students must learn the fundamentals and history of each unique medium, style, era, or technique. The process starts with a period of scheduling, wherein students map out their process from start to finish and set realistic deadlines for themselves. Through ceramics, woodworking, painting, photography, and much more, students learn to appreciate a strong attention to detail and the process of trial and error. They utilize new skills in decision making, risk-taking, curiosity, and creativity. 

Dedication + Diversifying: 

Perhaps the greatest benefit of art classes in school is that they challenge students of all levels of experience or talent in different ways. In the same sense, Malvern not only provides the resources, education, and facilities to prepare those students who are bound for creative professions, but also to introduce individuals who may have never before been interested in the arts. If you’ve wondered to yourself “why are electives important in school?”, it's because they challenge students to step outside of their comfort zones and surface talents to explore new and difficult goals. 

Throughout the professional, educational, and societal lives of students, they will inevitably encounter new challenges or be faced with conquering unique goals. A dedication and foundation in the arts in high school solidifies the concept that for these new encounters, they will sometimes need to put in more work, effort, preparation, and studying to succeed. 

Cultural Significance: 

Art is in many ways synonymous with culture. An education rooted in art, (and its global history), can help to connect students with their own cultures, and also learn more about others. Interacting with different cultures provides students with a wider world view, an understanding of different ideologies, and an appreciation for how others see the world. As art in its rawest form can be traced all the way back to the cavemen, these programs reinforce it’s historical, societal, and cultural significance both throughout human history and for the future. This reflective experience is one of the many reasons why electives are important in school. 

At Malvern Prep, students have exceptional opportunities to create, grow, and perform through our arts programs. We provide a wide variety of courses and co-curricular activities and showcase a 585-seat theatre, photography dark rooms, a ceramic studio, computer graphics lab, and much more. Malvern men learn to create courageously and discover their talents through a range of opportunities. If you’re searching for the “top arts program for boys near me”, connect with us today!