Peer-to-Peer Learning Center

Welcome to the Malvern Peer-to-Peer Learning Center!

Peer-to-Peer Learning Center Writing Highlights:

  • Writing facilitates creating and sharing knowledge.
  • Collaboration among peers is an especially effective mode of learning.
  • All writers, no matter how accomplished, can improve their writing by sharing work in progress and revising based on constructive criticism.
  • The Writing Center is not a place where tutors simply proofread essays. In fact, students are not permitted to simply drop off papers and pick them up later with corrections. All tutor sessions take place in person and feedback is given face-to-face.
  • The goal of the Writing Center is to be a place for students to build connections and confidence through writing across curriculums.
  • The Writing Center is for the apprehensive student who needs to build confidence through peer mentor-ship so they can experience writing as a process, not just a product.

Peer-to-Peer Learning Center Math Highlights:

  • The Math Center strives to help students improve their conceptual understanding while also developing better critical thinking and time management skills. 

  • The Center fosters an environment in which students feel comfortable to reach out to their peers for additional help.

  • The Center can help students who have specific questions about content as well as those who want extra practice in order to build their confidence level.

  • After each session, the student’s math teacher will receive an update on the content covered and types of questions answered during the session.

  • The tutoring team is comprised of students who not only excel in advanced math courses, but also possess a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts and processes.

Learning Center Benefits: