Profile of a Malvern Graduate

Inspired by Christ and fortified by St. Augustine’s core values of Truth, Unity, and Love, Malvern Preparatory School offers its students a nurturing Catholic community in which they can grow and aspire to become the best possible version of themselves. Steeped in this compassionate environment where they may learn not only to reason morally and ethically but also to provide service to others, our students are guided to be loving, spiritual, and humble. To help them become responsible citizens and the leaders of tomorrow, our students are encouraged to be globally literate and to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. They are empowered to be intellectually curious so they may become lifelong learners who improve the world through innovation and creative problem solving. Our students are challenged to become socially conscious listeners who reflect on their own lives, the lives of others, and the connections between all people.
Malvern Preparatory School is an Augustinian School, Catholic and Independent for boys in grades 6 through 12, located in the Greater Philadelphia suburb of Malvern, Pa. We are committed to the Augustinian values of VeritasUnitas, and Caritas, meaning Truth, Unity, and Love.