Student Support

Malvern's counselors provide a variety of services including academic, personal, and college counseling.

School Counseling

Students and parents are encouraged to contact their counselor to answer questions about scheduling, level placement, social/emotional concerns, activity participation, or overall adjustment to the School. The Counseling Department believes that proactive responses are key to a student’s well-being and academic success. Counselors act as the first line of defense in assisting students and families and sometimes determining if a student needs additional services, such as the School Psychologist or Learning Specialist.

In addition, each Upper School student will meet once a cycle throughout the entire school year with a small group of classmates to work on a variety of skills including: study skills, time management, career and learning assessments, the college process, and life beyond Malvern. These classes are taught by the School and College Counseling Departments and will serve to address our school mission.

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  • Middle School Counseling

    In our Middle School, we strive to establish and maintain an open, active relationship between our students, faculty, and parents. Middle School can be a turbulent time for our young men, a time when our students may question their academic gifts, athletic and fine arts talent, or even their interpersonal skills. The Middle School Support Team will work together to provide our learners with the academic and social support critical to growth during the Middle School years.
  • Upper School Counseling

    9th Grade - Inward: During the first semester of freshman year, your son will learn a variety of skills that will help him adjust to life in the high school. Students will work on effective time management skills and study skills. Counselors will emphasize the value of getting involved at Malvern and making the appropriate social adjustments. We will also spend time addressing their online persona, their responsible use of social media and clear decision making. Resistance skills around drug and alcohol issues will also be addressed.

    10th Grade - Outward: In the second semester of sophomore year, students will continue to build upon the skills acquired in 9th Grade. In addition, we will delve deeper into career exploration through a variety of assessments and activities. Continuing to work on social responsibility and decision making skills will allow our young men to grow and develop. Further exploration in our Family Connection program as it relates to test preparation and the college process will also occur.

    11th Grade - Onward: The college process is the main ingredient of our Counseling Curriculum in the second semester of junior year. Students will continue to build on the skills taught in freshman and sophomore year, especially as it relates to learning about how their interests can translate into college majors and careers after college. Students will learn how to research and visit college and, with their counselor, will begin building their college list. The end of the year will focus on starting the college essay writing process.

    12th Grade - Upward: The first semester of senior year focuses on the college application process, including the continued writing of college essays, the teacher recommendation process and finalizing the college list. This is an opportunity for seniors to put the finishing touches on their college applications while receiving valuable feedback from counselors and peers.

College Counseling

Our College Counselors meet with students in small groups as part of the curriculum and also individually walk them through the college application process. Topics covered in these college-focused meetings include: school research, choosing a major, essay writing, and interview preparation. Individually, the counselors work with students to build targeted college lists, specific to each student's academic profile and interest.

College and School Counselors work closely together regarding each student's course selection and activities, with an eye towards the college process. College Counselors also work closely with our athletic coaches for students who will become athletic recruits at the collegiate level.

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  • Grade 9

    In the fall, the College Counseling Department hosts a College Information Night for 9th grade parents. Parents learn about making educated decisions on course selection, activities, and summer plans with an eye toward the student’s development and college goals.

    Individual family meetings are held in the spring. Students and parents are advised about 10th grade course selection, activities, and summer opportunities with an eye towards their individual college goals.
  • Grade 10

    In the fall, the College Counseling Department hosts a College Information Night for 10th grade parents. Parents learn about making educated decisions on course selection, activities, and summer plans with an eye towards the student’s development and college goals.

    Individual family meetings are held in the spring. Students and parents are advised about 11th grade course selection. Counselors also discuss the possibility of taking on leadership roles in organizations where the student has interest.

    Test preparation is discussed in detail in individual family meetings and each student will have an initial SAT/ACT testing plan by the end of the year.

    We recommend that each 10th grader do two college visits during the summer between 10th and 11th grades. Counselors can recommend particular schools so students see a range of large and small schools in urban versus suburban settings.

    In our College Counseling Curriculum, College Counselors work with students in small groups to discuss visits, research and choosing a major.
  • Grade 11

    In the fall, the College Counseling Department meets with 11th grade parents in small groups to outline college entrance testing, our College Counseling Curriculum for the 11th grade year, and the development of a college list.

    Each junior will meet individually with his counselor in late fall/early winter. The 11th grade parents are then asked to come onto campus to meet with their son and his counselor in winter/early spring. This allows counselors to learn more clearly about student’s and parents’ college goals. The student will revise his testing timeline with his counselor, and discuss athletic recruiting (if appropriate), course selection for 12th grade, financial aid and scholarship resources, and summer plans.

    Students may meet with college admissions officers during visits to campus.

    By the end of March, each student and family receives an individualized college list from the student’s counselor, listing 20-25 schools that could be fits for the student academically, socially, and financially.

    The 11th grade College Counseling Course further focuses on educating students about the differences between large and small schools, schools in cities, and schools that are more rural. In the spring, students will learn about what makes a strong college essay, will brainstorm topic ideas, and will start to write their first college essay.

    During the summer between 11th and 12th grades, students are strongly encouraged to finish the main college essay they will submit to every college. Counselors are available to meet with students in person or to revise essays via email.

    In mid-August, College Counselors host an Application Boot Camp for rising seniors to get them started on their Common Applications, work on essays, and prepare them for college interviews.
  • Grade 12

    In the fall, 12th grade parents meet in small groups with their son’s counselor to discuss application deadlines, senior fall “to do’s”, clarification on the roles of the parent, the student and the counselor, and to ask questions.

    Counselors meet weekly or bi-weekly with each senior to discuss his final college list, essay progress, teacher recommendation progress, interview preparation, and application strategy.

    Students may meet with college admissions officers as they come to visit campus in the fall.

    In our College Counseling Course, seniors will work in the computer labs to continue progress on applications, essays, and teacher recommendation forms. In the spring, seniors will learn skills to help them transition to college life.
Malvern Preparatory School is an Augustinian School, Catholic and Independent for boys in grades 6 through 12, located in the Greater Philadelphia suburb of Malvern, Pa. We are committed to the Augustinian values of VeritasUnitas, and Caritas, meaning Truth, Unity, and Love.