Student Support

Upper School Counseling

Starting freshman year, school counselors emphasize the value of getting involved at Malvern Prep and making the appropriate social adjustments. Students learn practical time management skills, study habits, and responsible decision-making. Topics such as managing an online persona and use of social media are addressed, as well as resistance skills around drug and alcohol use. In addition, educational counselors delve into college and career exploration through various assessments and activities that help students develop and understand their strengths.
Students and parents are encouraged to contact their guidance counselor to answer questions about scheduling, level placement, social/emotional concerns, activity participation, or overall adjustment to the school. The Counseling Department believes that proactive responses are the key to a student's well-being and academic success. Counseling acts as the first line of defense in assisting students and families and sometimes determining if a student needs additional services, such as the School Psychologist or Learning Specialist.
In addition, each Upper School student will meet once a cycle throughout the entire school year with a small group of classmates to work on various skills, including study skills, time management, career and learning assessments, the college process, and life beyond Malvern. These classes are taught by the school and College Counseling Departments and serve to address our school mission.

Middle School Counseling

In Middle School, school counselors strive to establish and maintain an open and active relationship between students, faculty, and parents. Middle School is an exciting time when students actively explore and develop their academic gifts, athletic and fine arts talent, and interpersonal skills. Today’s children live in a stimulating yet challenging world where society is more diverse, technologies are ever-evolving, and opportunities are present everywhere. To help ensure students are prepared for upper education and the world beyond Malvern Prep, we believe all students can benefit from the support, guidance, and options offered by our counselors.   
The Middle School Support Team works together to provide students with the academic and social assistance that is so critical during these years. The Middle School counselors assist students with various school-related issues and other developmental needs by:

  • Counseling individually or in groups
  • Consulting with all necessary parties, including teachers, parents, or the principal 
  • Conducting beneficial classroom activities related to the student’s needs 

A Middle School student may need time with a guidance counselor to:

  • Develop problem-solving skills 
  • Acquire positive social skills
  • Learn stress management techniques
  • Build self-esteem
  • Realize full academic potential 
  • Discuss concerns or worries
  • Achieve optimal personal growth 
teacher teaching his class