Apply to Malvern

Thank you for your interest in Malvern Prep!

We recommend that all applicants begin their application process in October of the year prior they would like to be accepted, and to complete the application as soon as possible.

As you progress through the steps necessary to complete an application file, know that our staff is here to help. We invite you to contact our office at 484-595-1173 or any time for assistance.

Malvern Prep Admissions Timeline

  • 10/10 - Entrance Exam (9th Grade)
  • 10/24 - Entrance Exam (9th Grade)
  • 11/8 - Entrance Exams (9th Grade and all Middle School Grades)
  • 11/20 - 9th Grade Admission & Financial Aid Application Deadline*
  • 12/1 - 6th Grade Early Consideration Deadline*
  • 12/8 - 9th Grade Admission Family Notification Begins
  • 12/15 - 6th Grade Early Consideration Family Notification 
  • 1/13/21 - Financial Aid Family Notification Begins