Tuition and Financial Aid

We believe every young man should have the chance at a quality education. We know affording the best education is important to you and your family. Here at Malvern Prep, we provide opportunities to help you give your son experiences that will help him succeed. We are ready to assist you in any way we can.

Tuition for 2019-2020

Middle School: $30,300
Upper School: $34,600

Tuition includes the following: the Mothers' Club fee, Fathers' Club fee, books, grade level field trips, Graduation fee, 8th-grade Advancement, Urban Challenge fees, and M.E.C.O. fees.

Financial Aid

It is important to us that every young man has a chance at a Malvern education regardless of their ability to pay. Current Malvern families who receive financial assistance are of various cultural, economic, ethnic and social backgrounds who have demonstrated the financial need and want to attend our school.
The average grant we awarded in 2017-18 was $14,972. We awarded approximately $3.9 million in Financial Aid and Merit Scholarships in an effort to create cultural, economic, ethnic and social inclusivity in our student body. 
Students who have demonstrated need with various academic and extracurricular talents are considered for grants to enable them to attend our School. Repayment of grants is not required. We award Financial Aid annually. Parents must resubmit a completed Financial Aid application every year to determine the need of each individual student. In order to retain a Financial Aid grant, students must meet the following guidelines:
  • Maintain an outstanding disciplinary record
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0
  • Participate in two school activities. School activities include, but are not limited to: Athletic Teams, Non-Curricular Arts, Music Organizations and School Clubs.

Financial Aid FAQs

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  • Are decisions final?

    Unless placed on the Financial Aid waiting list, all decisions of our Financial Aid Committee are final. Any candidate's family who receives a grant will be given 10 to 14 days to accept the grant. Financial Aid grants are guaranteed by a non-refundable deposit not to exceed $1,000, an Affidavit of Enrollment and an Enrollment Agreement signed by all financially responsible parents or guardians. The Affidavit of Enrollment and the Enrollment Agreement obligate a family for the balance of the tuition.
  • Click Here for our Financial Aid Checklist

    A number of items are required to complete a Financial Aid application. The checklist below will be helpful when completing the application. It is best to file the PFS and complete the Financial Aid process by December 15.

    School and Student Services Online Parent Financial Statement (PFS)
    • Access the website at:
    • Click on "Complete your PFS" in the top right corner and follow the instructions to create a profile. Our school code is 4798.
    • Complete the Parent Financial Statement form and submit payment. We will not receive the SSS Application if payment is not submitted.
    • Upload tax documents to SSS.
    2018 Federal Tax Returns: upload to SSS, mail or email as attachment copies of completed, signed tax returns and W-2's for 2018 to our Admissions Office.

    2019 Federal Tax Returns (not required for initial review and award determination): forward copies of completed, signed tax returns and W-2's for 2018 to our Admissions Office when complete. Please do not upload to SSS.
  • How does our school define need?

    We define need as the difference between the family's expected contribution and the child's tuition expense. The SSS Online Application will compute a family contribution that will help us determine a family's need.
  • I checked "Yes" for Financial Aid consideration on my admissions application. Now what?

    If you checked "yes" for Financial Aid consideration on our admissions application, please submit all Financial Aid forms to our Admissions Office or upload to SSS as soon as possible. It is strongly recommended that you do not wait until you have received an admissions decision to begin the Financial Aid application process. It is best to file the Parent's Financial Statement form online and complete all Financial Aid requirements by December 15.
  • What happens if I am accepted but do not receive aid?

    The School reviews candidates for Financial Aid on a rolling basis. Accepted students requiring Financial Aid who do not receive an award package initially will be placed in a Financial Aid wait pool. Depending on the strength of other candidates, reconsideration for a grant may be given at a later time.
  • What information do you need if parents are divorced, separated or remarried?

    School policy requires that divorced, separated, or remarried parents must submit the information of both natural parents and both step-parents when applicable. In addition, guardians of students or students residing with relatives or grandparents must submit the financial data for the appropriate parties. Trusts, court decrees and/or divorce settlements must also be submitted to our Admissions Office. All documentation will be kept confidential.
  • What is a K-12 Family Education Loan?

    Unfortunately, Financial Aid funds are limited and we are unable to meet the need of all qualified applicants. Sallie Mae K-12 Family Education Loan Program helps families continue to look for financially responsible ways to pay for private K-12 education. The K-12 Family Education Loan is an ideal solution for families who need flexibility beyond financial aid, personal savings, or monthly payment plans when paying for a private school education. To learn more about the K-12 Family Education Loan click here.
  • When will decisions be made?

    Malvern does not provide a Financial Aid determination until an applicant has completed our admissions process and an admissions decision has been reached. When an applicant is accepted, a completed Financial Aid package must be submitted before it will be reviewed. Once all admissions decisions are made and all Financial Aid forms have been received by our Admissions Office, we will begin to evaluate those accepted students requiring Financial Aid and make award determinations beginning in January. Students who qualify for Financial Aid will be evaluated based on their application and how the student relates to the make-up of the incoming class. Freshman candidates will be notified of any Financial Aid award determinations in January.

Merit Scholarships

Our Merit Scholarships are offered to well-rounded students who show excellent academic and extra-curricular achievement. These young men must demonstrate through their completed application how they will contribute to our school's Augustinian values of Truth, Unity and Love. All applications submitted by the scholarship deadline will be considered for a scholarship. No individual scholarship application is necessary.

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  • Augustinian Scholarships

    A scholarship for candidates entering 6th & 9th grade

    This is a merit scholarship based on the following criteria: 
    • Superior scores on Entrance Exam - all scores in the high 90's 
    • Strong academic grades of A's or 90's
    • Excellent recommendations from teachers, principal, or counselors
    • Outstanding conduct and attendance record
    • Qualities that display a well-rounded young man with high co-curricular potential
    • A shadow visit is required
    • For 6th Grade, Applicants must take the October, November or December Entrance Exam
    • For 9th Grade, Applicants must take the October or November Entrance Exam
    All applicants that meet the above criteria will be considered. However, not all qualified candidates will be offered grants. Grant amounts will vary based on the strength of all candidates at the discretion of Malvern Prep.
Malvern Preparatory School is an Augustinian School, Catholic and Independent for boys in grades 6 through 12, located in the Greater Philadelphia suburb of Malvern, Pa. We are committed to the Augustinian values of VeritasUnitas, and Caritas, meaning Truth, Unity, and Love.