All-Boys College Prep School in Conshohocken

Every parent wants to do everything they can to help their child get the best education possible to prepare them for college and help them achieve success and get into a good school. The best place for them to start is at a college preparatory school. Malvern Prep is an all-boys college prep school in Conshohocken that sends 67% of its graduates to the top 50 universities or liberal arts colleges. 
While any school is going to be able to teach core subjects like science, math, history, and English, a college prep school provides so much more with faculty working to instill values such as respect, personal responsibility, and teamwork to allow students to grow into selfless leaders of tomorrow. Malvern Prep is designed to mirror college life and give students the full experience of extracurricular activities with over 30 different clubs and organizations. 

Benefits of College Prep School

Students who receive an education from catholic college prep schools generally produce higher ACT scores and a better GPA compared to students who attended public school. The smaller student-teacher ratio at college prep schools allows for more dedicated personal attention and a heightened focus on each student to ensure students receive more guidance and avoid falling behind. An average public school will have a student-teacher ratio of 15 to 1. At Malvern Prep, the student-teacher ratio is 9-to-1. 
Another benefit of a college prep school is the personalized college counseling program. Malvern Prep has one of the best of its kind, with a 30-to-1 student-to-counselor ratio and guidance for all four years of high school, so each student is prepared for college when they leave. Counselors meet with students, support the parents, help the individual choose courses and extracurricular activities, and assist with college entrance applications and requirements. 

Malvern Prep Four-Year Plan to Prepare Students for College

The goal of Malvern Prep is to best prepare students for college, and we begin that process the moment they step on campus for high school. Our College counseling program begins with ninth grade and serves students each year until graduation.

Ninth Grade

Fall of ninth grade begins with a College Information Night for all parents to learn about making educated decisions on course selection, activities, and summer plants to help their child’s development. Families are met individually in the spring to prepare for tenth-grade course selection and begin to set college goals.

Tenth Grade

Tenth-grade parents will once again have a night to assist with course selection and activities in the fall, as well as an individual meeting in the spring. Counselors will begin to discuss opportunities for leadership positions in organizations with the student and go over test preparation details to get ready for SAT/ACT testing. Families are encouraged to take two college visits in the summer between tenth and eleventh grades, and our counselors will work with you to find the best schools to fit your goals and preferences. 

Eleventh Grade

The fall of eleventh grade will begin with small group meetings to discuss college entrance testing and narrowing down your college list. Each student will meet individually with counselors, as well as a meeting with the student and parents together. Testing timelines, athletic recruitment, financial aid, and scholarship resources will all be discussed. College Admissions Officers will visit Malvern’s campus throughout the year as well. Counselors will continue to help students select their college list, and students are strongly encouraged to finish visiting schools and work on their college essays. Over the summer, counselors host an Application Boot Camp going into senior year to help students get started on their Common Application and prepare for college interviews. 

Twelfth Grade 

Parents meet in small groups with counselors to go over application deadlines and to-do lists. Counselors meet weekly or bi-weekly with each student to discuss final college lists, essays, recommendations, and interviews to help complete all applications. College Admissions Officers continue to visit Malvern Prep’s campus to meet with students and finalize college decisions. In the spring, seniors learn practical skills to ease the transition into college life.

Choose Malvern for College Prep in Conshohocken

Malvern Prep works diligently to prepare you and your children for college with a College Counseling Program tailored to each student to guide them through the process to succeed in the next phase of their academic journey. Visit Malvern Prep today to learn more.