All Boys College Prep School Student Activities Near Devault

At Malvern Prep, our students learn beyond the regular classroom setting. Students are presented with the opportunity to explore new paths and find new passions by participating in our various out-of-class activities. The top-rated Malvern Prep provides outstanding student activities in a multitude of areas, including academics, arts, service, literature, and athletics, to students in Devault. 

Academic Activities

At Malvern Preparatory School, education is always a top priority, and we take pride in the education we provide. While inside the classroom, students learn from our advanced degree staff members in a wide variety of subjects, but the learning opportunities do not stop there. To ensure students can learn as much as they can, we offer various academic activities such as Beekeeping Club, Academic Competitions, Environmental Club, Mock Trial, and so much more. Our goal is to help our students not only be the best academically but to give them the chance to explore what their right paths may be in the future by providing well-rounded top-rated school activities. 

Arts Activities 

We strive to open as many doors as possible for our students to explore and find their true passions in life, and that's why we offer art activities to all of our students. Within our arts activities programs, students can join GOD Band to perform music for Masses, Stage Crew to construct and run the sets for Malvern Theatre Society's stage productions, or even our TV/Video Studio to produce and broadcast programs to the Malvern Prep community.

Service Activities 

Following in the footsteps of St. Augustine, service and helping others are learned by students from the very start at Malvern Prep. We encourage our students to join our service activities to help one another reach their goals and support fellow students when they need it. Students can join our various service activities, including, but not limited to, Adelphia Society, Current Events Club, Student Council, Speak Up, and ST@MP. 

Literary Activities

Our students receive the opportunity to explore all their interests, including writing. Having literary activities empowers students to dive into their creative side, whether writing creative pieces or editing images they’ve photographed. Students can join Malvern Prep’s Literary Magazine, Impressions, the newspaper, The Friar's Lantern, or The Malverian, the school's yearbook club, to venture deeper into their creativity. 

Athletics & Rec. Activities

Our all-boys school is a home for students who are both interested in the arts and athletics. Having athletic activities at Malvern allows our students to learn how to work as a team and build leadership skills to utilize on and off the field. With top-of-the-line sporting gear and impressive fields, students can join our Catholic Athletes for Christ, a student-athlete football team that strives to be the best Christians and athletes, or our Intramural programs, where over 200 students each year compete for the championship in football, basketball, and speedball. 

Why Should You Choose Malvern Preparatory School? 

Malvern Preparatory School will prepare students in Devault for a successful college future. With about 630 students in both our upper and middle schools, our students receive a student-to-faculty ratio of 9 to 1, allowing all voices to be heard. Students have the opportunity to learn from experienced and degree-barring professionals whose goal is to ensure all students reach their full potential. Students can utilize our state-of-the-art college-like campus to succeed in their academics, artistry, and athleticism. If you are interested in learning more about our top-rated school activities, contact us today!