All-Boys Middle School near Blue Bell

Looking for a reputable all-boys middle school? Malvern Preparatory School is a great option. We encourage inquisitive thinking, lifelong friendships, and character development. We are proud to be serving students in the Blue Bell area and beyond. There are a lot of pros to an all-boys middle school. Going to an all-boys middle school gives young men the time to explore who they are and their interests. Malvern Prep has a state-of-the-art, college-like campus. Middle school students get to enjoy an independent school experience that then prepares them to excel at the next level of high school and then college. It also helps them to lead meaningful and thoughtful lives that are based on Augustinian values. We serve grades six through twelve and have over 600 students in the middle and upper schools. 

Advantages to an All Boys School

There are many advantages to an all-boys middle school. Young boys are often pushed into outdated gender roles while in middle school and are forced to think that they have to act a certain way to be manly. In reality, there are a lot of different ways to be a man, and an all-boys middle school can be a great environment for them to figure that out. Malvern Prep is a fantastic all-boys school because we have strong Augustinian values. Our thorough curriculum is innovative, and we are very proud to teach young men in middle school how to become successful leaders. Our philosophy is that Malvern Prep doesn't just want to prepare young men to do well in high school or college but also to prepare them to excel in their future careers. We want to position them to become a part of a future generation of leaders and to succeed academically and for the rest of their lives.

Malvern Preparatory School - A Reputable All-Boys Middle School

We are proud to be teaching the future generation of innovators, tracing our roots back to the 1800s. We have a grade-wide, project-based curriculum that was intentionally designed for students to connect with their peers and the greater school community, as well as giving them the tools to carry out a commitment to the common good. Student-centered learning is an important part of Malvern Prep, and students are encouraged to bring their ideas to the teachers to become part of our curriculum. Prep block is daily time given to students to learn essential study skills and the best practice for time with faculty outside of a more traditional, structured learning environment. Malvern Prep’s academics are based on depth versus breadth, which helps middle school graduates receive honors-level placement in the Upper School. Our eighth graders have the opportunity to take high school classes, helping them be more comfortable once they enter high school. It also allows for a more flexible schedule and these classes are printed on their transcripts. If you’ve been searching for an all-boys middle school near me, Malvern Preparatory School is a fantastic choice filled with boundless opportunities.