All Boys Middle School Near Phoenixville

Malvern Preparatory school is an all-boys middle and upper school that offers young men in and around the Phoenixville area a unique and rigorous education rooted in Augustinian Catholic values. By engaging our students in a wide variety of educational experiences and activities, we provide a holistic approach that will prepare your child for their next steps in the world. We know that middle school is an essential time in your child’s academic and social development, and we want to be there for your kids to aid them in becoming the best teenagers they can be. 


Why Choose Malvern Prep for an All-Boys Middle School?

Our classrooms incorporate a unique blend of interactive, hands-on learning so that your son can become a strong collaborator and hard worker by the time they reach our upper school. Middle school is a crucial time in growing academically, and our programs and faculty are equipped to help your child succeed to the best of their abilities.


What Makes Malvern Prep Unique for an All-Boys Middle School?

At Malvern Prep, we blend our Augustinian catholic values with the tools and resources our students need to succeed in the areas they are passionate about. Through emphasizing choice, teamwork, and individuality, we use a holistic educational approach to best fit the needs of each student. Here at Malvern Prep, we are student-centered, meaning we value and encourage our students to bring their unique ideas and interests into the classroom. Our middle school program allows students to have a more interactive experience and explore subjects beyond what is just possible on pencil and paper. Some of the programs offered as part of our middle school curriculum include: 

  • Project-Based Experiences
    • Project-based experiences allow students to participate in hands-on activities alongside their school peers, as well as make an impact on the greater Malvern Prep community. Project-based learning helps students grow in ways beyond just academics and walk away with something meaningful and personal. 
  • Counseling Block
    • Counseling block provides support to students in any aspect of their academic or personal life that they may need help navigating. Counseling blocks help students deal with obstacles such as stress, time management, and social pressures.
  • 8th Grade High School Program
    • 8th graders are allowed to participate in certain classes, such as mathematics and elective courses offered through our upper school program. This will enable them to gain experience and perspective in the upper school setting before officially stepping foot into the 9th grade. 
  • Prep Block
    • Prep block allows time for students to work on any academic skills or obstacles they may be facing. Prep block is essential in teaching students how to best manage their time and study, which will help them prepare for the more rigorous work in the upper school setting.
  • Augustinian Values
    • Here at Malvern Prep, we make sure to integrate the Augustinian values that are so important to us in all aspects of learning. By encouraging our students to explore their passions and strive for the best, we have created a healthy, happy community where Augustinian values are celebrated.