All-Boys Private School Near King of Prussia

If you are a parent looking for the best place for your child to get their education, look no further than Malvern Preparatory School near King of Prussia, PA. This all-boys school begins with our Middle School for sixth grade and continues through 12th grade with our High School. Because Malvern Prep is a private all-boys school, students are afforded the personalized guidance and resources not often available at larger public schools. At Malvern Prep, we have a 9-to-1 student-teacher ratio, compared to an average 15-to-1 ratio at public schools. This smaller student-teacher percentage provides more personal attention for students. Each student will receive access to state-of-the-art resources and the tools needed to become a selfless leader.


Besides an intimate classroom setting, students will also benefit from a college-preparatory program with over 16 AP courses, partnerships with accredited colleges for upperclassmen to earn dual credits, and our Peer-to-Peer Learning Center to prepare students for the next level of their academic careers. We guide young men on their journey inward as they discover themselves.

Augustinian Values:

Malvern Prep follows in the footsteps of St. Augustine, Doctor of the Church, and teaches students to listen to the wisdom of their own inner teacher. Our school lives by the three core Augustinian values, Truth, Unity, and Love. With truth through academic excellence, each student can grow and prepare for college and a life of integrity and leadership. Malvern Prep strives to build a diverse community seeking the unity of mind and heart in the journey toward God. Our tradition invites each student to grow and give in a family distinguished by respect, challenge, service, and exceptional love.

Arts and Athletics:

With state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, athletic fields, and physical trainers, Malvern Prep has a storied history of athletic achievement. Students can maximize their abilities to reach their full potential and prepare for college athletics. We also provide unparalleled opportunities for artists with our Duffy Arts Center to provide studios, dark rooms, graphics labs, the most up-to-date photo and video equipment, and a full 585-seat theater to help students to build portfolios and fully express themselves through art. 

Student Life:

We offer a plethora of extracurricular activities and clubs to allow students to explore their talents and passions and be part of groups with similar interests. Malvern Prep is designed to mirror college life and give students the full experience to grow themselves inside and outside of the classroom with over 30 different clubs and organizations. 

Malvern Prep All-Boys School 

Give your son all the tools and resources he needs to grow into a successful young man and one of tomorrow’s leaders with the education and experiences of Malvern Prep. Suppose you have been searching for an all-boys school near me. In that case, Malvern Prep is located near King of Prussia, welcoming students from Montgomery County, Chester County, Bucks County, Delaware County, Philadelphia, and throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey, and aims to ensure students reach their full potential and are best prepared for college and their adult lives.