All Boys School for Families in Thorndale, PA

All-Boys Middle School and High School 

Are you searching for an all-boys school in the Thorndale area for your son? Do you want a school that prepares your young man for the future as well as supports their character development? Are you looking to send your son to a college prep all-boys school starting in sixth grade to ensure they are prepared for the future ahead? 

As a top-rated all-boys middle school and high school, Malvern Prep takes an innovative approach to teaching and learning. We are an independent Augustinian school that engages and inspires the young men of today to become the successful leaders of tomorrow. 

Our campus includes a state-of-the-art college-like environment so students can enjoy and learn the feeling of an independent setting. Not only does this prepare them for the next level, but also grounds them in Augustian values.  
Academics on Malvern Prep’s Middle School

Starting in sixth grade, Malvern Prep offers an all-boys middle school with our contemporary approach. Malvern Prep strives to start these young men on the journey as a Friar while supporting inquisitive thinking, character development, and lifelong brotherhood. We use a team-based attitude so our teachers can work directly with our students on an individualized level to meet their specific needs and learning objectives. 

Malvern Prep sets our middle school boy's up for success by including grade-wide, project-based experiences. These are intentionally designed for students to connect with their peers, the greater school community, and contribute to the common good. We also include a daily prep block to ensure students have the time to learn essential study skills as well as time management. Additionally, Malvern Prep includes a counseling block to help students deal with stress, social/emotional learning, relationship management, and decision making. Lastly, we challenge our students to be the best version of themselves academically by offering honors-level placement and upper-division courses.  

Academics on Malvern Prep’s High School 

Malvern Prep’s upper school prepares our young men for their future after graduation. With a challenging, college-preparatory program and embedded Catholic Augustinian values of Truth, Unity, and Love, our students are guided into well-rounded young men. 

At Malvern Prep’s all-boys high school, we offer 16 AP courses, plus numerous honors sections for many traditional courses, world language classes including Latin, Mandarin, and Spanish, and a directed independent study to help students explore individual coursework with a specific faculty member. Additionally, we offer dual credit programs with Immaculata University and Villa Marie Academy where upperclassmen can earn college credit in a co-ed classroom setting. Through our J-Term programs, capstone requirements, and ethics courses, we ensure our students leave Malvern Prep as balanced, informed, and intelligent individuals.

Why Choose Malvern Prep as a Top-Rated All-Boys School

When searching for an all-boys middle school and high school, many Thorndale, PA residents choose Malvern Prep. As a top-rated, all-boys school in the greater Thorndale, PA area, Malvern prepares its students for the future while enlisting Augustinian values, intellectual thinking, and lifelong friendships. To learn more about our academic programs and admissions, contact us now.