All Boys Upper School Near Chesterbrook

All Boys Upper School Enrollment

Malvern Preparatory school is located in the heart of Chester County, near Chesterbrook, and serves as an all-boys school dedicated to preparing your child for a successful college career. We provide our students with the resources to succeed in learning academically, artistically, and athletically. On our state-of-the-art college-like campus, students can enjoy an independent school experience that gets them ready for their next venture of education while remaining grounded within Augustinian values. We believe in helping guide these young men on their journey within themselves to reveal their most authentic forms while also embracing those who surround them as well. If you’d like to learn more about all boys Upper School enrollment near me, continue reading below. 

Highlights of our Upper School Academic Program: 


Every January, in between semesters, students have access to take untraditional courses such as Basketball Analytics, Stage Design, Knitting, or Crime Scene Investigation for an entire week to explore their interests. 


At Malvern Prep, educating our students is always our top priority, and that's why we offer a wide range of classes to our students. We offer world language classes for students interested in learning Mandarin, Latin, or Spanish. Along with language courses, we also provide students with the chance to advance by enrolling in our various 16 AP courses and honor sections for many courses. As students take on these courses, we provide them with access to direct independent study, working alongside a faculty member to explore the student's classwork. 

ARCS Project 

The ARCS Project is for senior students to take as their capstone to enable them to develop their Augustinian Reflections, Confessions, and Soliloquies. Senior students utilize their 9th, 10th, and 11th-grade portfolios to support their work. 

Interdisciplinary Studies Department

Here at Malvern Prep, we offer mastery-based courses to our students that are team-taught and embedded in collaborative problem-solving. Students can take classes such as Leadership & Psychology, Social Entrepreneurship, and Business Ethics to further their education with non-traditional courses. 

Dual Credit

Preparing our students to be college-bound is vital to our goals here at Malvern Preparatory School, and that's why we’ve partnered with Immaculata University and Villa Maria Academy. Our students have the opportunity to enroll in dual credit courses at either facility to obtain college-level credits in a co-ed classroom setting. 

Why Should You Consider An All Boys Upper School Enrollment? 

Since Malvern Preparatory School was founded in 1842, our goal has been and will continue to be preparing your son for a bright and successful future. With over 80% of our faculty holding an advanced degree and a vast list of courses available, Students in Chesterbrook in grades nine through twelve can enroll at Malvern Preparatory Upper School. Malvern Preparatory School is accredited by the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools and prides itself on its 9-to-1 ratio of student to faculty. If you are interested in learning more about an all-boys upper school enrollment process, please visit our website or contact us directly at 484-595-1100. We would love to receive the opportunity to teach your son at Malvern Preparatory School.