Dr. Louis Giangiulio '86 P'21

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Dr. Louis Giangiulio '86 P'21

Big Plans for Malvern's Alumni

Dr. Louis Giangiulio '86 P'21 is a man of many talents and accomplishments. He is the father of four children - three daughters and one son (Nick '21), has built a successful medical practice in Malvern, served in the Medical Corps of the U.S. Army, is an avid accordion and piano player, and most recently, was named as the President of Malvern Prep's Alumni Board.

"I'm really looking forward to meeting more alumni and engaging with them, as well as spreading the good word of all the exciting things happening around campus," said Giangiulio.

He also hoped to encourage alumni to come back and support their alma mater - and not just with a gift to the school.

"There are a number of opportunities to be engaged with the school such as attending an outstanding Malvern Theatre Society performance, cheering on our Friars at a big athletic event, donating your time to volunteer for any number of our Christian Service trips or activities, or even offering an internship or mentorship to our young students."

As a student at Malvern, Giangiulio made the most of his time here, much like our students do today.

"I was involved in a lot of different activities as a student here. I played football for four years, wrestled for four years, and threw shot put for the track team," shared Giangiulio. "I was also the Student Council Vice President my senior year, was on the Mathletes team, a member of the National Honor Society (NHS), and participated in the Malvern Theatre Society performances with Mr. [Rich] Roper."

When asked to think about what Malvern was like while he was a student and what it is like now, he pauses a moment before responding.

"The Core Values and spirituality are still something that is very much present today, as much as it was when I was a student, but I think the Arts have changed the most. When I was a student the program was not as strong, as vibrant as it is now. To be honest, if the Arts program was like this when I was a student I probably would have gone into music."

"My son is just as involved as I was in activities. I want him to forge his own experience here and broaden his horizons," shared Giangiulio. "I'm proud of him for choosing Malvern and making the experience his own."

One of Giangiulio's favorite memories of his time at Malvern was the first dance of senior year. It was 1985 and the theme was Beach Party.

"I'll never forget this grand idea for the dance to have a beach party theme. We went on little missions throughout the summer to gather what we needed for the party - a lifeguard stand, palm trees, sand, Malvern Beach Patrol t-shirts - and we turned Stewart Hall (then the small gym) into an awesome beach! We had the DJ's from WMMR come out and play music for us. It was just such a great time," he said.

After Malvern, Giangiulio pursued a degree in Economics at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD.

"I chose to pursue a degree in Economics because during my senior year at Malvern I had John Ostick as my Economics teacher and he made the class so interesting and dynamic that I decided to pursue it at Hopkins.

"After three years of working for an investment bank in New York and London I knew it wasn't my calling in life, so I stopped working for the bank, moved home, prepared to take the MCAT, and applied to medical schools."

During his time at home, Giangiulio had a series of odd jobs working as a waiter, volunteering with the wrestling team at Malvern, and working at Paoli Hospital. He ended up saving enough to pay for a year of medical school but decided to join the U.S. Army to pay for the rest of medical school and enhance his medical knowledge.

"I was deployed to Afghanistan as part of the Medical Corps for 10 months and I saw infectious disease cases that will never be seen in this country because we immunize. I believe it made me a better doctor because I have seen all those things ... I know what happens when you don't immunize and take preventative precautions," said Giangiulio.

While at Jefferson University for medical school Giangiulio realized he wanted to go into pediatric care.

"I love the long-term relationships that I build with families and their children. But I also love the preventative health aspects of pediatrics and working to ensure we put these kids on the right path for success."

When discussing his life and accomplishments and how, if at all, he felt Malvern prepared him for that success, he reflects for a moment.

"I imagine I would have been successful if I went somewhere else for high school, but the fact that I am still involved with Malvern to the extent I am has everything to do with the experience I had during my four years here," said Giangiulio. "It was the right time and the right place for me. Knowing that I could succeed at a place like Malvern gave me the confidence to achieve everything that I have accomplished in my life."