Eric Moore '02

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Eric Moore '02

A Commitment to Service

For Eric Moore '02 service has always been an integral part of his life. From his service during his time at Malvern, to his service at the United States Naval Academy, and later in the Navy, to his continuing commitment to serve both Malvern and in the Veteran community, Moore knows service.

"I feel that my commitment to service was cultivated at Malvern. Our commitment to taking care of the less fortunate instilled in me a sense of using the gifts and opportunities I have to make the most of them and give back to those who are in need of help," he shared.

Moore played on the football and basketball teams, was the Student Council Treasurer, a MECO leader, and a member of the National Honor Society.

One of his favorite memories from Malvern was his time during the MECO retreat.

"MECO was the culmination of our class coming together in a way that was different than anything we had experienced up until that moment. It creates a bond that lasts a lifetime. It's hard to articulate the magic that happens during a MECO weekend ... it's almost like Christmas when you are a kid," reflected Moore.

When Moore was a freshman, his dad took him to the United States Naval Academy and that visit left an impression. From that moment, he knew that's where he wanted to attend college.

"There's a discipline and structure in place at Malvern that prepares you, not only for college, but to be an adult and have responsibilities, and to meet expectations. That isn't something that goes away when you leave Malvern, but it really sets you apart from everyone else," he said.

Following his four years at the Naval Academy, Moore set off on a whirlwind adventure with the U.S. Navy. He served seven years of active duty and six years as a reservist. Moore served a seven-month deployment during the height of the pirate epidemic. He was a ship driver, which meant that he spent a lot of time on the bridge of the ship (AMFIBS) running the operations. He was also stationed in Washington, D.C. as part of The Navy Ceremonial Guard.

"I owe a lot to the foundation I developed at Malvern. When I transitioned out of the military and into the private sector, I felt behind in my peers in business acumen, but I felt like I had a strong foundation in my own core values, soft skills, and leadership that I did feel prepared to take on a private-sector job. It's much easier to learn the business acumen than it is to develop one's character."

Moore has jumped headfirst into giving back to Malvern through his time, talent, and treasure. He is currently the President of the Friar Club, is serving on the Alumni Board, and helps out whenever needed across campus.

"I enjoy working with and seeing passionate alumni from multiple generations come together with different skill sets to drive forward alumni engagements. Take for example, Joe Redican '60, he is so passionate and involved with Malvern, but add in an alumnus who is fresh out of college with his energy and understanding of new, innovative ways to connect with our alumni ... the collaboration is important and effective," said Moore.

When asked about advice he would share with an alumnus who is considering sending his son to Malvern, he said, "There is so much opportunity at Malvern that it is worth the investment. Not only does Malvern hold true to its core values and principles, but your son will have the benefit of a globally diverse education. The education and experience here are unparalleled. You won't find another place that has a campus like ours, with the community we have, the strong education, and the variety of extracurricular activities. It's a premier institution and you'd be missing out if you don't send your son to Malvern."