Ryan Irish '93 P'22'23 PT

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Ryan Irish '93 P'22'23 PT

Pride for Malvern Prep runs in the Irish family. Ryan Irish is a member of the Class of 1993, has previously served on the Board of Trustees, and is a current parent to Jack '22 and Billy '23.

"Being able to attend Malvern Prep was the best gift that my parents ever gave me," shared Irish.

Irish started at Malvern in 7th grade and did not hesitate to make his mark on campus. As a Middle School student, he was involved in a number of activities, including the Social Committee, a committee charged with planning dances, a member of the Ice Hockey Team, Sportsmans Club, and Ski Club.

In high school, Irish continued to make his mark by adding Soccer and Lacrosse to his list of activities. He was also named team captain of the lacrosse team during his senior year. Irish truly made his time at Malvern count.

"Being able to say that you graduated from Malvern Prep is a statement that comes with a lot of pride," said Irish. "Malvern instilled values in me that I could not get anywhere else. I feel like I came in as a boy and left as a man, armed with the ability to go out and do good things with truth, honor, integrity, values, and a commitment to family.

Irish shared that Charlie McLaughlin, 8th-grade social studies teacher, and Leo Kindon, 7th-grade English teacher, both made a strong impact on his life.

"Charlie taught us how to learn with a sense of humor, while Leo taught us how to be a man and be accountable and responsible for yourself," said Irish.

Jack and Billy have both had the opportunity to have Leo as their teacher and Irish is happy to know he's still imparting those same values on today's generation.

"It is amazing that my boys have the opportunity to experience what I was able to experience with Leo."

Irish feels indebted to Malvern for all that he has received and feels that in that vein it is important for him to give back through time, talent, and treasure to the school that gave him so much.

"I want to see the school continue to thrive for generations to come. There are a lot of options for private schools in the area, but this is the only one that gives you all of it. There is truly nothing better than being a Friar."

As part of his commitment to give back to Malvern, Irish served on the Board of Trustees from 2009 to 2013. Irish noted two accomplishments he was proud of during his time on the board: being part of the development and building of the Pellegrini Athletic Complex and watching the Diversity Program being installed. "I definitely feel like I benefitted more from the board, then the board benefitted from me. It was a great learning and growth opportunity," said Irish.

When asked why parents and students should consider a Malvern education for their sons, Irish believes the answer is simple: "You should consider all of your options, but if you want the best for your child then send them to Malvern."