Alumni Day of Giving

Alumni Day of Giving 
Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Every year our Advancement Team selects graduation day to be our annual giving day dedicated to our alumni and their families. We look forward to this day because it celebrates the graduating class as well as all of the Friar Brothers that have gone before them.

Did you graduate in 1976? Consider a gift of $19.76. Class of 1992? A gift of $19.92 can help offset the cost of school supplies and athletic equipment for our faculty and students. Class of 1981? Celebrate your 40th Anniversary with a gift of $19.81 - less than $20 can help us reach our goal!

Please consider joining the Malvern Prep community by making a gift in honor of your graduation.

Make your gift today!

Thank you for supporting Malvern Prep!

Bob Cardone Day of Giving Photo.

“I think of all the sacrifices that were made by others to give me the education that Malvern provided and I feel that this is a chance to give back and help another young man get that reward.”-Bob Cardone ’59

JD Triolo Day of Giving photo.

“I give back to Malvern Prep because Malvern taught me how important giving back is in our daily lives, and how we should always show gratitude through giving back. I give back to Malvern because I am grateful and appreciative for all I learned there.”-JD Triolo ’20

Kevin Pellegrini Day of Giving.

“I think I give back to Malvern for the following reasons: for the “whole being” education that I received as a student; for the lifelong friends, now brothers, that started on that campus; and in the hope that I can somehow help the next young man experience these things and more at our Malvern Home. For these things I will always give back”-Kevin Pellegrini ’90  

CJ Mooney Day of Giving photo.

“I give back to Malvern because I had a great and memorable four years on Warren Ave. Malvern helped lay the foundation for lifelong friendships and I am proud to be a Malvern alumnus.”-CJ Mooney ’09

 Dave Miller Day of Giving photo.

"While at Malvern we received a fine education in the Augustinian Tradition. This has helped all of us become the persons we are today. In addition to receiving a great education, we made lifelong friendships that have endured the test of time. I give to Malvern so that future Malvern Friars can receive the same opportunities that each of us has received. Malvern gave me so very much that I believe in giving back to continue this tradition."-Dave Miller ’66

 Matt McEndy Day of Giving photo.

“I give back to Malvern because I am passionate about the Augustinian values that Malvern instilled in me. I want other young men to be able to experience the Malvern brotherhood for years to come.”-Matt McEndy ‘07

Barkley Sample Day of Giving Photo..

“I give to Malvern in return for all Malvern has given, and continues to give, to me. The Brotherhood I have with my Class '81 classmates are bonds that will last forever. The Augustinian core values of Veritas, Unitas, and Caritas are instrumental in forming the person I am today. Those relationships and that formation are lifelong gifts. Go Friars!”-Barkley Sample ‘81

A Message from Ron Algeo '87 P'15

A Message from Dave Frank '91 P'20'25 T