Augustinian High School in Devon

High school is more than just four years. It is a time where confidence is built, personality is developed, and a young boy grows into a strong man. Therefore, an all-boys high school needs to teach its students essential values to thrive upon graduation. What is the importance of an Augustinian high school? Is it beneficial for a young man to attend an all-boys private school?  

If you are in the greater Devon area and search of an all-boys private school with strong Augustinian values, look no further than Malvern Prep. As an all-boys, college prep high school, we pride ourselves on taking an innovative approach to teaching and learning. We engage and inspire young men to become strong, capable, independent leaders of the future. 

Malvern Prep offers the Augustinian approach to education. Our students enjoy an extraordinary independent, state-of-the-art college-like high school experience while our educators coach our students to excel at the next level. Malvern Prep ensures these young men are capable and prepared to succeed in the future while securing a strong foundation in their meaningful lives with Augustinian values. 

We encourage our students to explore their passions and interests through our exceptional programs and facilities. This includes, but is not limited to theater, sports, musical arts, student organizations, and more. Our students learn to listen to the wisdom of their inner teachers through St. Augustine, Doctor of the Church.

The Augustinian Values

The Malvern Prep’s Mission is to provide our young men with an Augustinian, catholic school where independence is created through following the spirit of Veritas, Unitas, and Caritas. Our values are Truth, Unity, and Love as they play a central role across our curriculum. During our student's time as a Malvern Prep Friar, students will embark on the journey of discovering themselves, understanding others, and making an impact on something much larger.

Truth is one of Malvern Prep’s most dedicated values. Through academic integrity, personal growth, and honesty, we believe every young man exits Malvern Prep fully prepared and ready to embark on their next journey of life through excellence and courageous leadership skills. 

As an all-boys private school, the brotherhood at Malvern Prep enlists our value of unity. We seek one another's minds and hearts toward our greater journey to God. We build diversity, in a caring, inclusive environment. Parents, students, and teachers work together to instill personal responsibility for the common good. 

As for Malvern Prep’s value of love, we are inspired and committed by God. Each individual at Malvern grows and florists by respect, challenge, survival, and exceptional love. 

Malvern Prep Could Be The All-Boys Private School For You 

Malvern Prep High School is so much more than a school. It prepares the young men of the Devon community for life upon graduation. It instills the Augustinian approach while following Malvern Prep’s strong values of truth, unity, and love. If you are interested in learning more about Malvern Prep’s values and academics, contact us today to hear about our admissions programs.