Boys Prep School Near Strafford, PA

If you live near Strafford, PA, and are trying to decide where to send your son to school, why not consider the best all-boy prep school in the area? There are many reasons why a parent should choose an all-boys private school for their son’s education. Malvern Prep focuses on the intellectual and social development of young men, helping them to grow into future leaders of tomorrow. Attending an all-boys school allows young men an opportunity to focus on themselves and figure out who they are as an individual and who they want to be in life. Students are given the freedom to explore their passions and interests and pursue their goals without having to be concerned about the social aspects of gender dynamics while at school. Because of the smaller student-body size and more intimate classrooms, students are afforded personalized attention and guidance and receive resources often unavailable at larger public schools. At Malvern Prep, we have a student-teacher ratio of 9-to-1, which is much smaller than the average ratio at most public high schools. Each student receives more personal attention and has access to our state-of-the-art resources and tools needed to maximize their learning and reach their academic goals. 

Academic Values 

As the best all-boy prep school near Strafford, students are guided through a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum to prepare them for the next level. We guide young men on their journey inward as they discover themselves and the world around them. Students have the opportunity to select from over 16 AP courses and take advantage of partnerships with accredited universities for upperclassmen to earn dual credits and get a leg up toward their future. Our Peer-to-Peer Learning Center is another unique resource that encourages students to excel in the classroom and be prepared for the next level of academia.  

Student Life

Malvern Prep does not just help students to thrive academically, but to find success outside of the classroom as well. We have a storied history of athletic achievement, thanks in large part to our state-of-the-art facilities, equipment, and athletic fields. We also provide unparalleled opportunities for artists to express themselves with access to studios, dark rooms, graphics labs, the most up-to-date photo and video equipment, and a 585-seat theatre for the Malvern Theatre Society. All students are encouraged and expected to immerse themselves in extracurricular activities. We offer over 30 different clubs and organizations to allow each student to explore their passions, identify hidden talents, and immerse themselves around peers with similar interests. The Malvern experience is meant to mirror college life, teaching students to manage their daily schedules, remain organized, and prioritize their assignments and commitments. They enjoy scenic walks between buildings on our beautiful campus and develop behaviors and tendencies of the independent lifestyle they will see in college. 

All Boys High School Near Me

If you have been looking for the best all-boy prep school to send your son then you have come to the right place. Malvern Prep welcomes students from Strafford, PA, and the surrounding Bucks County, Delaware County, Philadelphia, and all throughout PA, DE, and NJ. We take an innovative approach to learning that aims to engage and inspire our students to grow into tomorrow’s leaders and thinkers. Students are equipped with the tools and resources to explore in the classroom, as well as in their other organizations, clubs, and sports programs as they explore different interests and passions. To learn more about Malvern Prep, schedule a visit to our beautiful campus, or request information, please visit our website or contact us today.