Christian Service Learning near Oxford

Oxford Students Who Attend Malvern Prep Take Part In Christian Service Learning

Several students from the Oxford area attend Malvern Prep and in addition to their education, they also participate in service learning opportunities at different points throughout the school year. Christian Service Learning takes place on dedicated school days and is aimed at helping the community. At Malvern Prep, we offer service learning opportunities that range from both on and off campus and include anything from feeding the poor to projects at various community organizations to collections of clothes and so forth. 

Students at Malvern Prep look forward to these days that are dedicated to serving others in need. It has become an integral part of their education and teaches them the importance of taking care of our communities.

What Types Of Service Learning Opportunities Are Available?

All of our Christian Service Learning days have a theme tied to them that helps guide the type of service we offer on those specific dates. During the current school year, some of our themes include devotion to St. Augustine in caring for the less fortunate, capturing the truth of our mission and purpose as students work to spread the truth of the Augustinian manner and finally, unity which is at the sole of who we are and showcases the importance of supporting our community.

List of Services the Students Participate in:

  • Raise funds and awareness for community organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House. 
  • Take part in health and food preparation for senior citizens.
  • Put together health kits for patients in need and their families.
  • Participate in activities that create items such as quilts for people in need. 
  • Repair and clean buildings that have been damaged or have not been cared for over several years.
  • Visit with the homeless.

Service Learning Has A Positive Impact On Students

To date, Malvern Prep students have performed a combined total of 8,000 hours of Christian Service Learning projects in just the 2021 school year alone. It is an incredible amount of time that is focused on giving back. This type of giving has had a tremendous positive impact on students. 

It enables them to put their faith into practice through the work they and their families do in the community. The positive impact that it has on our high school students is pretty remarkable. They feel empowered to make change and get to see the fruits of their labor through each and every project they take on.

Choose A School That Offers Christian Service Learning

Malvern Prep is an all-boys school that offers service learning programs for students and their families. Choosing a school that offers community service that supports the school’s core values will undoubtedly help students of the Oxford community get the most out of their educational experience. 

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