College Prep Schools for Families in Paoli, PA

Benefits of Attending a College Prep School 

When should your son start preparing for college? Does the middle or high school your son attends affect their future academically? What are the benefits of attending a college prep school? Where is their college prep school in the Paoli area? 

As a parent, where to send your child to college is one of the hardest decisions to make as they are growing up. Do they have everything they need? Will they be able to properly adjust? But most importantly, are they prepared? By sending your child to a college preparatory school starting in middle school, you and your son will be more than ready come time to enter college. A college prep school builds an independent learning environment to ensure a smooth transitional period between high school and college. 

With the teaching of independence starting at the young age of middle school, Malvern Prep’s students adopt a sense of accountability for their work. They are encouraged to develop essential time management skills while balancing academics, extracurricular activities, and social life. At Malvern Prep, students are expected to join or create their club or group with other students who share similar interests. 

Additionally, a benefit of a college prep school includes academic rigor. College classes can be extremely overwhelming, especially for freshmen who are transitioning from moving away from home and starting a new life. Along with a different atmosphere, students are bombarded with long essays, foreign concepts, and the need to multitask. Malvern Prep prepared students for these challenges with college-level courses, AP classes, and honors classes. 

Lastly, a college prep school supports intimate learning opportunities. With an intimate student-to-teacher ratio, teachers encourage students to academically challenge themselves, while motivating them and building strong bonds. With fewer students, Malvern Prep teachers focus on the success of each of their students.

College Prep Middle School and High School

If you are in the greater Paoli, PA area and you are searching the web for an “all boys college prep high school near me”, look no further than Malvern Prep. We are a college prep middle school and high school. Malvern Prep starts our boys off on the college prep experience in just sixth grade and we watch them grow into prepared men come twelfth grade. 

Once our Malvern Prep Friars reach ninth grade, we start them on a highly personalized college counseling program. We have several counselors dedicated to serving each grade at an approximate 30:1 ratio. Counselors individually meet with every young man to provide support and assistance when it comes to the college process. Come senior year, students will meet with a counselor on a weekly or biweekly basis to ensure they have the guidance needed in choosing the right-fit college. 

Why Choose Malvern Prep As Your All-Boys Prep School? 

There is no better way to prepare your son for college than by enrolling them in a college prep middle and high school. This will allow young men to overcome the challenges generally associated with first-year college students while they are still at a young age. To learn more about the benefits and academics, contact us now.