College Preparatory Programs in Media, PA

For Media residents seeking a robust college prep program, Malvern Prep stands as a beacon of educational excellence. As an all-boys Catholic school, we offer a comprehensive Upper School Academic Program that equips students with the skills, knowledge, and experiences necessary to thrive in college and beyond. As a dual-credit high school, Malvern Prep can offer unique learning opportunities. Our program caters to the diverse academic needs of our students. 

J-Term: Exploring Beyond Boundaries

At Malvern Prep, we believe in expanding students' horizons by offering exciting and unconventional courses during our J-Term. This special week in January, nestled between semesters, allows students to immerse themselves in unique subjects like Basketball Analytics, Crime Scene Investigation, Knitting, and Stage Design. By putting a novel spin on traditional disciplines, we foster creativity, critical thinking, and a love for learning.

Embracing Global Perspectives

To thrive in an increasingly interconnected world, proficiency in multiple languages is crucial. Our Upper School Academic Program offers a diverse range of world languages, including Mandarin, Latin, and Spanish. Through these language courses, students develop cultural appreciation, linguistic skills, and a global perspective that prepares them for success in a multicultural society.

Challenging Academic Excellence

We recognize the importance of rigorous coursework in college preparation. With 16 AP courses and honors sections across various subjects, Malvern Prep provides an academically challenging environment. These courses offer students the opportunity to delve deeper into their areas of interest, demonstrate mastery, and earn college credit through successful AP exam performance.

Directed Independent Studies

At Malvern Prep, we understand that every student possesses unique interests and aspirations. Our Directed Independent Studies program allows students to explore individual coursework in partnership with a faculty member. This personalized approach fosters self-directed learning, encourages intellectual curiosity, and provides a platform for in-depth exploration of specific academic areas.

The ARCS Project

As a required senior capstone endeavor, the ARCS project enables students to reflect on their journey and intellectual growth throughout high school. Building upon their 9th, 10th, and 11th-grade portfolios, students develop Augustinian Reflections, Confessions, and Soliloquies. This project encourages introspection, critical analysis, and the synthesis of knowledge, culminating in a meaningful and reflective experience.

Engaging with Real-World Challenges

Our Interdisciplinary Studies Department offers mastery-based courses that promote collaborative problem-solving and transdisciplinary thinking. Students can engage with real-world challenges through courses like Leadership and Psychology, Social Entrepreneurship, and Business Ethics. These semester-long courses push the boundaries of traditional disciplines, fostering adaptability, creativity, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

Dual-Credit High Schools: A Bridge to College-Level Learning

At Malvern Prep, we recognize the value of early exposure to college-level coursework. Through our partnership with Immaculata University and Villa Maria Academy, our upperclassmen get the opportunity to earn dual credits in a co-ed classroom setting. This unique collaboration provides a seamless transition to higher education, giving students a head start on their college journey.

Malvern Prep's Upper School Academic Program offers a comprehensive college preparatory experience for Media residents. Our programs ensure students are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and experiences needed for success in college and beyond. At Malvern Prep, we are committed to nurturing intellectual curiosity, fostering academic excellence, and empowering students to become well-rounded individuals prepared for the challenges of higher education and beyond. To learn more about our college preparatory high school programs, contact us today at 484-595-1100.