Leading College Preparatory School near Downingtown

Downingtown Parents Choose Malvern Prep As One Of The Leading College Preparatory Schools In The Area

Parents seeking out a college preparatory school in the Downingtown area, should consider Malvern Prep. It is one of the best all-boys college prep schools in the area, sending 67% of their graduates to top 50 university or liberal arts colleges.

Why Parents Choose A College Preparatory School

There are several benefits of a college prep school for students who are looking ahead to the next step in their academic growth. Mainly, parents choose college preparatory schools for their children because the school is focused on guiding and developing them so that they can be accepted into the college of their choice after high school. College preparatory schools often have SAT prep courses, smaller ratios of student to counselor, college counseling, college tours and more. College preparatory schools help students prepare for and get into the college that they wish to attend.

Malvern Prep Has A Four-Year Plan To Prepare Downingtown Students For College

From the moment Malvern students step onto campus, they are put onto a path for college success. There is a program for each year of high school to prepare students for college. 

Ninth Grade: The College Counseling Department meets with parents to share insight into how to choose courses, activities and summer programs to help students meet their goals both academically and with an eye towards their college future.
Tenth Grade: In addition to meeting again to discuss course selection, activities and summer programs that will help their sons develop  and set themselves up for the college of their choice, they also discuss opportunities for leadership roles, test preparation and college visits.
Eleventh Grade: The eleventh grade year is critical for college preparation. Parents and students set up individual meetings with the students' college counselor to discuss goals, testing, school visits, potential athletic recruiting and more. Students receive a list in the Spring of schools that they should focus on from both an academic and financial perspective. They will also take a college prep course and learn how to write their college entrance essay.
Twelfth Grade: In twelfth grade, parents meet with college counselors to go over what the senior “to-dos” are so that they can help guide their child. Students meet bi-weekly with college counselors to discuss where they are in the process, application strategy, interview prep, essay progress, etc. Students are also given time during the school day for the application process.

College Counseling Program

One of the main benefits of a college prep school is the college counseling program and Malvern Prep’s program is truly one of its kind. This is a program that students participate in all four years of high school and they do so in a way that is personalized due to the 30:1 student to counselor ratio. In addition to meeting with the students themselves, college counselors are there to support parents as well from helping their child choose their courses to activities and summer programs that will be beneficial to their college entrance application. Malvern Prep’s college counselors are an integral part of the program and a huge factor in the success of students getting admitted into the colleges of their choice.