Instituto San Martin de Tours

Instituto San Martin de Tours is a Catholic and bilingual school for boys. The
school is located in a very posh neighborhood called Palermo Chico, in Buenos
Aires, Argentina. We teach the three levels: Kindergarten ( from 3-5 year- olds ),
Primary( from 6 – 12 year-olds) and Secondary ( from 13- 17 year-olds).

The campus, where our older students practice sports every week, is situated in the
northern area.

We emphasize Augustinian values of truthfulness and interiority as well as
academic excellence. Our students study English as from age 3. They sit for
international exams certified by Cambridge University. Their school life is very
active: they participate in many projects in and out of school, ranging from social
interaction with different environments to school debate which is a key one in our
secondary level.
Malvern Preparatory School is an Augustinian School, Catholic and Independent for boys in grades 6 through 12, located in the Greater Philadelphia suburb of Malvern, Pa. We are committed to the Augustinian values of VeritasUnitas, and Caritas, meaning Truth, Unity, and Love.