Mothers' Club

The Malvern Prep Mothers' Club provides specialized opportunities throughout the year and promotes the community atmosphere of the school. All Malvern Moms are encouraged to participate in meetings and events throughout the year.

2023-24 Board Members

President: Liz Hardy P’25 P’27
Co-President: Jen Davis P’27 P’29
Treasurer: Jeanne Andronowtiz P’28
Recording Secretary: Liz DiDomencio P’27 P’28
Corresponding Secretary: Sylvana Cottone P’24 P’24
High School Communication: Val Manning P’24
Middle School Communication: Amy Detwiler: P’27
Community Service Coordinator: Roxanne Majka P’24
Social Media Coordinator: Heather Canavan P’24 and Jessica Littleton P’27

Immediate Past President: Jen Robustelli P’27

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