8th Grade English Classes Find Inspiration from Malvern Teacher

Between Friday, April 6, and Wednesday, April 10, Metty Vithayathil’s 8th Grade English classes were treated to a talk and performance from Malvern substitute teacher LeRoi Leviston.
Mr. Leviston was invited to Mrs. Vithayathil’s class as part of their creative writing assignment.

“I spend a considerable part of the year teaching students about how to write. Mr. Leviston was able to demonstrate to our students why we write,” shares Vithayathil. “Through his presentation and performance, our students experienced the power of words and how the process of writing can help them work through experiences and emotions.”

During his talk, Mr. Leviston shared his writing process with the students, how he built his foundation for writing and singing, and who musically inspires him. He also shared some advice for the students.

“You only get one life,” he says. “Never have regrets. Things will work out the way they are supposed to.”

Mr. Leviston performed two of his original songs: “Always” and “Dear Summer.”
Malvern Preparatory School is an Augustinian School, Catholic and Independent for boys in grades 6 through 12, located in the Greater Philadelphia suburb of Malvern, Pa. We are committed to the Augustinian values of VeritasUnitas, and Caritas, meaning Truth, Unity, and Love.