AP Computer Science Visits Villanova and Malvern Alumnus

In mid-April, Malvern's AP Computer Science class visited Villanova University to see Zach DeStefano '17 and the Villanova CAVE (CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment) to learn about virtual reality.
DeStefano began working with the CAVE in the spring of his freshman year.

"I had heard about a yearly VR competition, VUVR, which encourages teams of students to compete to create the most educational, interactive, and immersive experiences in virtual reality," shared DeStefano. "I created a team with two friends and we built a game for the CAVE using Unity."

DeStefano's team placed first in the 2018 VUVR competition. Since the competition, he has been continuing work in the CAVE, including on research projects and on programs that will allow for more unique experiences to be brought to the CAVE.

The CAVE is Villanova's immersive virtual reality facility where the walls, floors, and ceilings are all screens. The facility allows for shared 3D experience for up to 20 people simultaneously, and since construction in 2014, students and faculty of all disciplines are encouraged to develop experiences and explore virtual environments in the CAVE.

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