Admissions Advice for First-Time Parents and Students

Fall is not only a time for football, foliage, and pumpkin spice lattes - it’s also the peak season for high school admissions. If leaves aren’t covering yards yet, changes are lawn signs are - advertising Open Houses for many private and independent schools throughout the Philadelphia area.
The admissions process may seem daunting to some families, especially with so many quality schools to choose from in the area. Malvern’s Director of Admissions, Mr. Sean Kenney, reminds families what to look for as they embark on the admissions process. “Parents and students should be looking for a school that is the right fit. Not only for their son or daughter, but also for the entire family,” shares Kenney. “Right fit includes everything from academics, extracurriculars, faith, school community, and support - it’s really all of those things combined,” he says. One of the best ways to determine if a school is a right fit for your child and family is to visit the campus - whether for Open House, a parent tour, or a student shadow visit. These visits give parents and students a chance to get a feel for the campus and culture of the school and allows them to talk to several different people - faculty, staff, and coaches.

For parents and students who may feel overwhelmed with the admissions process, Kenney advises parents and students to ask questions. “High school can be a challenging transition for students who are often having to navigate different schedules, larger campuses, and the blending of a lot of new students. We really want parents to ask questions. We are here to help and make the transition as smooth as possible,” shares Kenny.

If you would like to visit Malvern Prep, please visit or contact our Admissions Office at 484-595-1173.
Malvern Preparatory School is an Augustinian School, Catholic and Independent for boys in grades 6 through 12, located in the Greater Philadelphia suburb of Malvern, Pa. We are committed to the Augustinian values of VeritasUnitas, and Caritas, meaning Truth, Unity, and Love.