The Music Man: Tommy Brecker '20

If you would have told Tommy Brecker '20 that he will be attending New York University in the fall for the Recorded Music Program, he would have called you crazy.
"Without Malvern and music teacher, Mr. [Emanuel] Del Pizzo, I never would have known about the recording side of the music industry, or that I could do it too," he said.

Brecker's interest in music started in eighth grade when he took Del Pizzo's Music Recording and Technology class as part of his art credit.

"In that first class, we learned how to work with preset loops to create a song, and I immediately fell in love with it," he shared. "I downloaded the appropriate software and have been running with it for five years."

From there, Brecker continued to take Del Pizzo's Music Recording and Technology classes, and he has been participating in an Independent Study with Del Pizzo for the past two years.

"Working with Mr. Del Pizzo is a fantastic experience. He has been super supportive and has helped me with not only creating and discovering my passion for music but also working towards a future and achieving my goal of going to NYU," Brecker said.

As a freshman, Brecker started writing and producing his own music, but he wasn't always keen on sharing his music with the larger community.

"I really didn't think my peers would support me in creating my own music, but my experience has been the exact opposite. I feel so supported by my peers," he said. "I released my first song and I told one of my friends, and then he went out and shared it with everyone and at one point I opened my Snapchat and everyone had posted pictures of themselves listening to my song ... it was awesome."

Although he currently writes and produces his own music, as well as creating beats to share on online platforms where they can be purchased, in the future he sees himself working collaboratively with the artist from start to finish on their song or album.

"Being able to take the record from that initial point to a final, finished piece on music platforms ... that's what is exciting for me," he said.

As for where Brecker hopes to find himself in five years ... "Living in a recording studio, sleeping on the couch, and producing for one of my favorite artists - Jon Bellion. He's a huge inspiration of mine. That would absolutely be the dream," he said.

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