Living the Augustinian spirit of Veritas, Unitas and Caritas

Welcome to the Malvern Theatre Society!

The Malvern Theatre Society (MTS) is the largest co-ed activity at Malvern Prep combining students from Malvern Prep, Villa Maria Academy, and the Academy of Notre Dame. This student-driven group began in the 1970s and continues to grow and thrive today. Students learn all aspects of theatre production alongside professionals who have worked, or continue to work, in the performing arts.

Each aspect of the theatre program is led by students. During a two-month rehearsal period, students develop their skills and passions with the goal of running the show on their own. MTS members gain experience in one or more of the following areas: acting, singing, dancing, costuming, hair design, makeup, lighting design, sound design, set construction, set decorating, as well as ushering, graphic design, and box office management.

In turn, the skills learned by the Upper School MTS students are then passed on to the Middle School students. For example, an Upper School MTS member will serve as the student director for the Middle School show. Other areas of production, such as set construction and lighting, also use this peer-to-peer mentorship. This connection allows the high school students to teach the next generation of actors and technicians, and strengthens the bonds of brotherhood.

Malvern Prep is very proud of the MTS. We invite you to join us for one, two, or all three of our student-run productions in our state-of-the-art Duffy Arts Center.

See you at the show!