Living the Augustinian spirit of Veritas, Unitas and Caritas

Our Vision

Malvern strives to be a leading independent Catholic school that forms leaders who are Augustinian, Globally Literate and Entrepreneurial.

Augustinian: Students will know themselves and God. They will be immersed into the life of St. Augustine and come to an understanding about the ways in which the core Augustinian values of Truth, Unity and Love influence the world around us. This Augustinian spirit is the basis for our warm and caring school environment, and animates our desire to support every boy in becoming his best self.

Globally Aware: Students will know and understand our increasingly complex, diverse and interconnected world. They will be stewards of our environment. Our students will be role models for social justice and service to that world.
Entrepreneurial: Students will know their team, because students best learn and accomplish goals together. Those teams will then define and creatively solve problems.

Living Our Vision

List of 5 news stories.

  • Top 10 field/skills for 2015-16

    This past weekend, the New York Times "Education Life" published this list of "Top 10 Fields" and the "most in-demand skills" for internships in the 2015-16 school year.

    "Project Management" dominated the list, showing up in six of the ten fields.
  • What Do Diversity and Inclusion Have to Do with Being Augustinian?

    By Rev. Don Reilly, O.S.A., Head of School, and Christian Talbot, Former Head of School
    In our last post, we addressed a question that has been on a lot of minds: “How is 21st century education also Augustinian?”
    Today we want to address another question that we have both often heard these past few years: “What do diversity and inclusion have to do with being Augustinian?”
    There are two key reasons: 1) spiritual and emotional growth; and 2) competitive advantage.

  • The Inner Teacher: How Student-centered Learning Is Augustinian

    By Rev. Don Reilly, O.S.A., Head of School and Christian Talbot, Former Head of School

    We sometimes hear people wonder, “If Malvern Prep is going to do student-centered learning, how can we also be Augustinian?”

    This question would have surprised St. Augustine!
  • Augustinian, Globally Literate, and Entrepreneurial: The Foundation for the Future of Learning

    By Christian Talbot, Former Head of School

    A couple of weeks ago, the students in Malvern’s Social Entrepreneurship class took a field trip to New York City. Among other things, we visited the headquarters for KIND Snacks. The President of KIND is John Leahy, Malvern Prep Class of 1971.
    A Malvern Prep student asked Mr. Leahy, “What was your biggest failure?”
  • Vision Update: Preparing for an Uncertain Future

    By John F. McGlinn II P’12’14'16, Vice-Chair, Board of Trustees

    As part of the rituals that start my day, I make a point each morning to read Seth Godin’s Daily blog. He’s widely considered a marketing genius and he’s an incredible thinker and writer on a range of topics including business and education (or if you’re really interested). At the core of all of his writing, Godin essentially writes about the power of culture to shape our lives.  He recently wrote the following:

Profile of a Malvern Graduate

Inspired by Christ and fortified by St. Augustine’s core values of Truth, Unity and Love, Malvern Preparatory School offers its students a nurturing, Catholic community in which they can grow and aspire to become the best possible version of themselves. Steeped in this compassionate environment where they may learn not only to reason morally and ethically but also to provide service to others, our students are guided to be loving, spiritual, and humble. To help them become responsible citizens and the leaders of tomorrow, our students are encouraged to be globally literate and to develop an entrepreneurial mindset. They are empowered to be intellectually curious so they may become lifelong learners who improve the world through innovation and creative problem solving. Our students are challenged to become socially conscious listeners who reflect on their own lives, the lives of others, and the connections between all people.