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Malvern Prep’s Activities Department is dedicated to providing a well-rounded education, through the positive social development of our students. The program fosters a social atmosphere where students can explore hidden talents and find new passions. Each club is moderated by a faculty or staff member, who ensures that students find their niche and develop their non-academic skills.

Academic Credit

Each student must accumulate a minimum of 6 credits in either co-curricular activities or athletics between their freshman year and senior year. Each moderator is responsible for submitting those student life credits to the Director of Student Life. To help shape the Malvern student into a well-rounded individual, it is important that each student accumulate these 6 credits in two or more categories as outlined on the co-curricular activity list.

Extra-Curricular Programs

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  • Academic Competition

    Academic Competition is open to all Upper School students. This organization practices twice a week, usually before school, and competes, at the Varsity and Junior Varsity level, with other schools in Chester County. The competition is knowledge-based and involves trivia in literature, math, history, science, the arts, current events, etc. All students get to participate in the meets. Academic Competition is a chance for students to compete with students from all over Chester County. We have four countywide competitions a year.
  • Adelphia Society

    The Adelphia Society is committed to assisting the incoming freshman in any way they can. The goal is to make the transition from middle school to high school easier. The Adelphia mentors are introduced to their prospective freshmen during Orientation and welcome them into the brotherhood, and are there for them if they have any questions or concerns. During this inaugural year, they have met with their mentees several times. This is not just to help them with school, but they also participated in a service activity by taking canned goods to local schools that assisted the less fortunate during the holidays. The juniors who have been chosen accept their role as “big brothers” are proud to represent the Adelphia Society and will continue to serve as mentors throughout their senior year as well.
  • Annenberg Science Symposium

    The Annenberg Symposium is an opportunity for a select group of students to participate in an open forum regarding medical topics. The students first visit with their host doctor and visit the hospital on several occasions. This past year the students actually viewed an operation and were able to ask questions of the doctor as he was operating. On another occasion, the students were taken on a tour of an actual MRI center. At this time they were able to ask question and understand the operation of the machine. For their actual presentation, the students present their topics before a panel of doctors and various visitors.
  • The Friar’s Lantern

    The Friar's Lantern is Malvern's monthly student-produced, student-managed school paper. It features both a printed newspaper and a digital student-managed blog that features student news and opinions. Students are involved in writing, photography, layout and distribution.
  • Chess Club

    The goal of the Chess Club is to provide an informal environment where players of all levels can gather and play chess. Meetings are held once a week. The club is open to any upper school student.
  • Diversity Club

    The goal of the Diversity Club is to increase awareness of the many diversities we have amongst us at Malvern Prep. We strive to highlight the many differences in order to increase acceptance, understanding in addition to learning how we all benefit from these differences. We live in a diverse world which is a gift to all of us. We need to accept the gift and see where it takes us.
  • Empty Bowls

    Empty Bowls is a national organization that fights hungers. The way an Empty Bowls event works is simple. The Malvern Prep community creates ceramic bowls, and then serves a simple meal of donated soup and bread. Guests choose a bowl to use that day and to keep as a reminder that there are always Empty Bowls in the world. All proceeds from our event are donated to Bethesda Project, an organization that works to reaffirm the dignity of our homeless brothers and sisters in Philadelphia. This is an annual event, and an important piece of both our Arts and Christian Service programs. Visit our Empty Bowls blog for information.
  • Engineering Club (Robotics)

    Malvern's Engineering/Robotics team participates in the FIRST Robotics Competition. Every year our students design and build a robot to compete in game designed by FIRST. Our robot will compete with and against other teams from around the world. This experience lets students learn about science, engineering, business, and project management in a highly competitive and rigorous program and that is something that the team takes pride in. Membership is available to any high school student. Find out more by visiting the Engineering Club's website.
  • Environmental Club

    Climate Change. Environmental Justice. The Global Water Crisis. Plastic Pollution. The Environmental Club will discuss and raise awareness about these and many other environmental issues. We will work to take concrete action to reduce Malvern’s carbon footprint. Please join us in this urgent fight to protect our planet. Visit our website to learn more.
  • Envirothon

    The Malvern Prep Envirothon Club serves to give students a better understanding of the nature around them. Students come to have a better understanding about living and nonliving things that make up our planet and how to address problems that might be threatening those species. The club discusses current issues and a variety of topics, from soils and aquatics to forestry and wildlife. Each April, the club participates in competition in Hibernia Park near Thorndale, where the skills that we refined during the years are put to the test. The competition includes identifying soil types and addressing current issues such as pollution and agriculture.
  • Friar Nation

    What color do YOU bleed? Interested in getting rowdy and spreading that energy to the crowd? The students in Friar Nation exude school spirit in the proud colors of Blue and White. Any student in grades 9 – 12 are invited to join at any point throughout the school year to help cheer on the many incredible activities and athletic teams at Malvern. Malvern’s “blue man group” makes their presence known across campus.
  • Impressions Literary Magazine

    Impressions is Malvern Prep's literary magazine. We blend creative writing, visual art, photography, and graphic design to create a powerful and pleasing finished product of works by Upper School and Middle School students as well as faculty and staff. We aim to leave you with great impressions!
  • Malvern Theatre Society

    The Malvern Theatre Society is an extracurricular activity that utilizes the talents of students from grades 6 through 12 from Malvern Prep, and the high school girls from Villa Maria Academy and the Academy of Notre Dame de Namur. We produce three mainstage shows each year, an upper school non-musical each fall (usually on the first two weekends of November), an upper school musical in the early spring (usually on the first two weekends of March, and a middle school musical in mid-May. The mission of MTS is to provide an extracurricular outlet for students who enjoy the theatre and to grow that enthusiasm and talent to utilize in college and adult life in professional, semi-professional, and community theatre. Click here for more information.
  • Malvernian (yearbook)

    Malvern Prep is a school with many traditions as well as many new and exciting projects. The Malvernian Yearbook Club is challenged every year with the task of accurately portraying the year’s events. With over seventeen different sports and over forty-three clubs to cover, our staff is busy year-round. Students are involved in every aspect of creating our yearbook. They begin with picking a theme, deciding on a layout, writing summaries and scheduling all photography opportunities. By the end of each year, our students have gained experience in layout design, photography, journalism, and editing. The Malvernian Yearbook Club is ideal for students who are looking to explore their creative side and record Malvern history. Requirements: Students must be in grades 9-12 and must be available at least one day per week.

  • Mock Trial

    One of the largest in the nation, the PBA/YLD Mock Trial Competition gives over 290 high school student teams from across the state the opportunity to act as lawyers and witnesses in simulated civil trials before actual judges and panels of juries. Lawyers volunteer to assist students as team advisors, scorekeepers and regional coordinators. Each year, the winning team goes on to represent Pennsylvania in the national competition. Under the direction of Joseph Mallon Esq. the team reviews the case materials that are received in October. Weekly meetings are held before school with Ms. Randle and Ms. Zbrzeznj and the lawyer mentors. Drexel University is a proud partner of the statewide PBA/YLD Mock Trial Competition.
  • National Art Honor Society

    The National Art Honor Society (NAHS) strives to aid members in working toward the attainment of the highest standards in art areas, and to bring art education to the attention of the school and community. Selection criteria for NAHS national membership requires that students in grades 10-12 have completed a minimum of one semester in visual art and that they maintain a B or better average in visual art. Malvern Prep’s NAHS Chapter also requires a 3.0 or better cumulative average, an interest in scholarship and service through the arts both inside and outside of the classroom, and approval by arts department faculty and administration of the school. Activities such as guest artist visits, field trips, service projects, and gallery exhibits are determined by member interest. The Malvern chapter is student-directed, and student ideas and commitment shape the organization’s activities each year.
  • National Honor Society

    Students must have completed at least two years in the Upper School, sustained a cumulative grade point average reflecting academic rigor, have an exemplary discipline record, and enjoy the recommendation of the faculty. He must be acknowledged as an outstanding person who is sincere and trustworthy. The candidate will have demonstrated through past history, a willingness to serve his community and the Malvern family. The student will possess the qualities necessary to organize, lead, and motivate fellow students to promote the welfare of the school and his peers.

    Scholarship - one of the best students in the grade who usually obtains first honors and achieves A’s. The candidate must have a minimum of a 3.85 GPA and have completed at least six Honors or AP classes. He demonstrates a “love of learning” and goes beyond the requirements of the courses. He is in the top 10-15% of his class and his standardized test scores are in the top 10%.

    Character - an outstanding person who is sincere, has integrity, is cooperative and respected by peers and teachers. He must have an exemplary discipline record.

    Leadership - shows a willingness to be involved and is not afraid to confront peer pressure. He has the ability to organize and articulate his thoughts and is willing to take the initiative. The candidate should understand and demonstrate that he represents his school and his family.

    Service - demonstrates a willingness to give of his time and effort to help others within and outside of the Malvern community. He should work with his classmates and faculty to represent Malvern in a positive way. He knows that his success is not only the result of his own efforts but of all those who support him. The candidate should demonstrate a willingness to give back to those less fortunate.

    Candidates are required to submit their credentials, write an essay, and complete an interview with faculty and current NHS members prior to their review for induction.
  • Outdoor Club

    The Outdoor Club is dedicated to pursuing all things outside. From learning survival skills and building shelters to backpacking and climbing, the Outdoor Club is all about getting outside, appreciating nature and connecting with each other.
  • Peer Educators

    The Drug/Alcohol Peer Educators relay information regarding drugs and alcohol to their peers in order to promote responsible decisions towards high-risk behavior. The primary responsibilities of this club consist of presenting drug/alcohol information to the eighth grade health classes as well as attend field trips where facts about high-risk behaviors are taught. Malvern Peer Educators are expected to show strong leadership ability, a willingness to serve as a positive role model to fellow students, and an ability to effectively promote healthy decision making.
  • Science National Honor Society

    The Science National Honor Society will be the prominent scientific organization that will engender a new group of young thinkers who will be the future of industry, research, and scientific exploration for America. It will aid students in understanding the causes of events in our world, from the macroscopic to the microscopic. Science is a tradition that Hippocrates, Newton, Pasteur and Hawking have all followed—the Science National Honor Society will help culture new scientists who will also follow in this discipline and improve our world.
  • Spanish Club

    The purpose of this club is to allow high school students to explore their interest in the Spanish language as well as Hispanic cultures in a fun, relaxed way. They will be given opportunities to interact with each other as well as with students from local schools. The meetings will take place once every two weeks during 9th period on either a Tuesday or a Wednesday. Each meeting will include Hispanic food and music as well as showcase a specific theme. Themes will be chosen based on student interests. All Upper School students are welcome.
  • Speak Up!

    The Malvern Speak Up Steering Committee consists of about 15-20 students who prepare the Speak Up Event. We meet monthly with the Student Steering Committees from Notre Dame Academy and Villa Maria. We select the themes for the event, prepare the practical aspects of it, advertise and promote the event, and facilitate the breakout sessions during the event.
  • Speech and Debate Team

    The Malvern Speech and Debate Team currently belongs to only one local competitive forensics league, the PHSSL, which hosts monthly tournaments Thursdays after school in a nearby high school. Team members choose one event to prepare individually or with a partner. They prepare as much or as little as their own schedules permit. They are encouraged to compete in all the tournaments from October through February. Currently, we have entered competitors in the following events: Policy Debate, Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Prose Speech, and Extemporaneous Speech on Current Events. We would welcome any student who would like to compete in any of the other events offered at these tournaments as well. The Speech and Debate team meets weekly from October to March. Individually or in small groups, students prepare for specific forensic events in monthly tournaments at local high schools. Members need only attend some of the meetings and some of the tournaments.
  • Stock Market Club

    The Stock Market Game (SMG) is played each fall and spring. In the fall, the SMG is reserved for those students enrolled in the economics classes. In the spring, the SMG is open to the entire school. Since 1977, the program has given educators a way to improve the learning experience in thousands of classrooms. The Stock Market Game™ program offers a vast library of learning materials correlated to national and state educational standards in Math, Business Education, Economics, English/Language Arts, Technology, Social Studies and Family and Consumer Sciences. Students use real-time internet research and news updates, making the simulation a mirror of the real marketplace.

    While the competitive gameplay creates student excitement, the educational experience delivers the biggest impact. Starting with a virtual cash account of $100,000, students strive to create the best-performing portfolio using a live trading simulation. They work together in teams, practicing leadership, organization, negotiation, and cooperation as they compete for the top spot. The setup is engaging, and the learning is a natural part of the experience. In building a portfolio, students research and evaluate stocks, and make decisions based on what they've learned. Teams trade common stocks and mutual funds from the NYSE, Nasdaq and AMEX exchanges; earn interest on cash balances; pay interest if buying on margin and pay a commission on all trades. To determine why certain stocks perform a certain way, or why the broader market has moved up or down, they need to understand how the economy works, and to calculate their returns they need to do the math. What students gain from The Stock Market Game™ program is a remarkable experience — and even more important, an education for life. The program is made possible by the support of more than 650 securities firms, combined with essential grassroots support in schools and communities. It is the only stock market simulation supported by the New York Stock Exchange.
  • Student Council

    The main vehicle for the development of student activities is Student Council, which organizes, helps finance, and affects most of the programs. The Council is comprised of four executive officers elected by the student body, class officers elected by each grade, and the moderator, appointed by the administration. The Council promotes school spirit, fosters leadership, and encourages participation in activities. It acts as the liaison between administration and students, initiates new policies for administrative approval, arranges dances and activities, and serves as the corporate leader of the student community.
  • Tri-M National Music Honor Society

    This is an exclusive national music honor society. By invitation, Juniors and Seniors who participate in honors band are given the opportunity to join the National Music Honor Society. Students are required to carry a 3.0 GPA and be in good disciplinary standing with the school. Students are expected to conduct themselves on and off campus in the Malvern way. The Tri-M National Music Honor Society offers students the opportunity to participate in recitals, solos, and off campus concerts and activities. This society is for the serious musician who excels both in character and music. The Music National Honor Society seeks to acknowledge those students who have the understanding necessary to accept and uphold the challenges of excellence in musicianship. Through participation in the Music Honor Society, students will experience the awesome power of the excellent and begin to cultivate a deep desire for the aesthetic expression of the human soul.
  • TV Studio

    The TV Studio crew produces the morning announcements during homeroom. Staff are sometimes asked to capture video footage of Malvern events for broadcasting purposes. Additionally, staff are encouraged to produce original pieces to be aired on the television. Watch the livestream.
  • World Affairs Council

    Biweekly meetings to discuss theme and structure of regional programs in fall and spring, plus assign positions for Summit.
  • Young Poets Club

    The Young Poets Club is an organization of students that meets to share and read students’ own poetic creations as well as poems and songs that have caught their attention and that they would like to share with the other members. Student writers gather to share with each other their own poetry or poetry that they have discovered elsewhere.

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  1. To promote the extra-curricular interests of all its students with an added goal of making these activities and experiences co-curricular.
  2. Provide opportunities that strengthen the bonds between students who share similar interests.
  3. Support an enhanced feeling of community as positive relationships between faculty and students develop outside class experiences.
  4. Develop leadership skills that will help each student become a leader of tomorrow.
  5. Expose our students to as many varied co-curricular activities as possible so that their interests and future pursuits may be shaped in a healthy manner.
  6. To provide co-ed opportunities for our students through service and extra-curricular opportunities.