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Student Activities

Malvern Prep’s Activities Department is dedicated to providing a well-rounded education, through the positive social development of our students. The program fosters a social atmosphere where students can explore hidden talents and find new passions. Each club is moderated by a faculty or staff member, who ensures that students find their niche and develop their non-academic skills.

Activities: Academics

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  • Academic Competition

    The Academic Competition teams compete against other schools in the Chester County area. The Varsity and Junior-Varsity teams answer questions in a quiz bowl type format across a variety of subjects and topics. These meets take place during the school day during the first half of the year and provide students an opportunity to test their knowledge and academic skills in a team-based setting against peers from other schools.
  • Annenberg Symposium

    The Annenberg Symposium is an opportunity for a select group of students to participate in an open forum regarding medical topics. Students visit with their host doctor and the hospital on several occasions.
    This past year, students viewed an operation and were able to ask questions of the doctor as she was operating. On another occasion, students were taken on a tour of an MRI center. During the tour, they were able to ask questions and understand the operation of the machine.
    For their year-end presentation, the students present their topics before a panel of doctors and various visitors. Previous topics of research have included mind-controlled prosthetic limbs where students designed a maneuverable hand based on measured brain signals and investigations of the gold standard of care for minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures.
  • Asian Culture and Awareness Club

    This club is open to all students who have an interest in Asian culture. The club meets at community time to share ideas and look at videos about Asian culture.
  • Beekeeping Club

    The Beekeeping Club is open to all students. As a member of the club, you will learn about bees, their place in our agricultural practices, and current impacts on bee populations. The Beekeeping Club also maintains and manages the growing beehive system on campus with an eye toward improving conditions for pollinating organisms at Malvern.
  • Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA)

    DECA (Distributive Education Clubs of America) prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management in high schools around the globe.
  • Diversity Awareness Club

    The Diversity Awareness Club is open to all students. The focus of the club is to bring awareness to the members and to the larger community about both the similarities and differences we all have as individuals and community members. Being aware of these helps us to see the strengths they bring as a whole. In addition to regular bi-weekly meetings, the DAC hosts various events throughout the year in which the students engage in deep conversations focused on how we can become a more equitable and inclusive community.
  • Environmental Club

    Climate Change. Environmental Justice. The Global Water Crisis. Plastic Pollution. The Environmental Club discusses and raises awareness about these and many other environmental issues. The club works to take concrete action to reduce Malvern’s carbon footprint. Please join us in this urgent fight to protect our planet. Visit our website.
  • Envirothon

    The Malvern Prep Envirothon Club serves to give students a better understanding of the nature around them.
    Students come to have a better understanding of living and nonliving things that make up our planet and how to address problems that might be threatening those species. The club discusses current issues and a variety of topics, from soils and aquatics to forestry and wildlife.
    Each April, the club participates in competition in Hibernia Park near Thorndale, where the skills refined during the years are put to the test. The competition includes identifying soil types and addressing current issues such as pollution and agriculture.
  • Global Exchange

    Malvern Prep's Global Exchange Program strives to provide experiences that will help our students become global citizens, bring additional diversity to our School and expose our students to students of different cultures, and provide cultural exchange opportunities for Malvern students abroad.
    Over the last several years, Malvern has established partnerships with schools in Europe, Latin America, and Australia. 214 students have completed 64 exchanges and 67 Malvern parents have hosted a foreign exchange student.
  • Mathletes

    JV Mathletes is an academic team that competes in math competitions with other Catholic schools in our region. The separate ninth and tenth-grade teams compete once a month at Malvern Prep during community time.
  • Mock Trial

    One of the largest in the nation, the PBA/YLD Mock Trial Competition gives more than 300 high school student teams from across the state the opportunity to act as lawyers and witnesses in simulated civil and criminal trials before actual judges and panels of juries. Lawyers volunteer to assist students as team advisors, scorekeepers, and regional coordinators. Each year, the winning team goes on to represent Pennsylvania in the national competition. (
  • Robotics (Engineering Club)

    The Robotics and Engineering club provides students with opportunities to design and create. The engineering club works on fun projects that span across different engineering fields and provides students the opportunity to learn to use tools and equipment in the manufacturing and
    design process. The robotics team competes each year in the prestigious FIRST Robotics Competition. The team designs and builds a robot to compete with and against teams from across the region.
  • Spanish Club

    Spanish Club is for students who are interested in Hispanic culture and wish to participate in the Sociedad Honoraria Hispanica (Spanish Honor Society)-organized activities. Students of any grade level and even students not taking Spanish are welcome to join!
  • Speech and Debate

    This team attends one tournament of the Pennsylvania High School Speech League each month from October through January. Students sign up to compete in one event of about 14 (3 in debate, 11 in speech). Students may compete in only one or in all tournaments as their own schedule allows. Once they choose their event, they meet with other students in their event at their convenience with one of the moderators or one of the team leaders in order to prepare and practice.
  • Stock Market Club

    The Stock Market Club connects to the global economy with virtual investing and real-world learning. The main component of the Stock Market Club is a semester-long ten-week Stock Market Game. Participating students receive 0.5 Credit Hours for each semester.
  • World Affairs Club

    World Affairs Club is for students who want to study real-world events and global issues. Twice a year we participate in the International Student Summit organized by the World Affairs Council of Philadelphia. Our student delegates are required to prepare a brief on their assigned topic, then participate with other high school students to draft resolutions tackling the particular global challenge being addressed.
  • Young Politicians

    Open to any and all students who are interested in a discussion of current political issues. There are usually have a few guest speakers during the year.

Activities: Arts

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  • GOD Band

    The God Band is a student-led group of musicians performing contemporary Christian music for school Masses and other services.
  • Malvern Theatre Society

    The Malvern Theatre Society (MTS) is the largest co-ed activity on campus. MTS produces two upper school broadway-style shows and one middle school musical each year. All students are welcome to participate as an actor, singer, or dancer.
  • Photography Club

    Students will learn about different compositional techniques using their phones or digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras. We also have daily photo compositions.
  • Stage Crew

    Stage Crew is a coed activity whose job is to construct and run the sets for Malvern Theatre Society’s stage productions. The group meets weekly and strives to not only to make each set look great but run smoothly behind the scenes. Through teamwork, practice, planning, and fun, MTS stage crew coordinates set changes, effects and stage management to create a cohesive technical performance.
  • TV/Video

    The Malvern Prep TV Studio provides students with the opportunity to produce and broadcast programs to the Malvern Prep community. Last year, in addition to producing a daily announcements show, the TV Studio produced a longer format program and produced the livestream for the home games of the Varsity Basketball team. This activity is open to all students. Visit our website at

Activities: Service

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  • Adelphia Society

    The Adelphia Society matches 11th-grade student leaders, called Adelphia mentors, with incoming 9th graders. Every 9th grader has an official "big brother" in this Adelphia mentoring program, and the 11th graders accompany the 9th graders through Freshmen orientation. Additionally, the Adelphia mentors meet with their 9th-grade mentees throughout the year to touch base and help in any way that they can.
  • Current Events

    The Current Events Club is an activity that brings together students in grades 9-12 to discuss current topics appearing in the news. Through respectful conversation and dialogue, students have the opportunity to reflect and share their thoughts and reactions to local and global news stories.
  • Mascot Auggie Tolentine

    Auggie is our school's mascot, bringing energy and positivity to our home athletic games!
  • Speak Up!

    Upperclassmen meet with their peers from our sister schools once a month from October through February during the school day to prepare for the event. This year, we hope to integrate a team of underclassmen who will meet in smaller groups to develop the themes and encourage underclass and parent attendance at the event. The event itself promotes dialogue between youth, parents, and educators on the most difficult and pressing topics as chosen by the leadership team in a non-judgmental environment.
  • ST@MP!

    St@MP - Speaking Truth at Malvern Prep is our Annual Diversity Conference which is student-led and adult mentored. Students from Malvern Prep and Villa Maria Academy meet to design and create an experience for students from various high schools to come together to experience personal growth and social bonding while discussing various issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. In addition to a keynote address given by a prominent speaker, the students attend various workshops that are created and facilitated by students.
  • Student Council

    Student Council Officers are elected yearly by their peers. They organize events throughout the year - including homecoming activities, dodgeball and handball tournaments, and Family Feud. They help with dress down day collections and other service activities.

Activities: Literary

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  • Literary Magazine (Impressions)

    If you are interested in working with creative types in the making of Malvern's literary magazine, Impressions, then the Impressions Club is the club for you! We need photographers, writers, artists, designers, and graphic artists to create a physical and online magazine collection of students' creative writings and artistic expressions.
  • Newspaper (The Friar's Lantern)

    The Friar's Lantern is an award-winning newspaper designed and published entirely by students. Students who join this club will learn how to interview, write, and design news stories intended to bring news to the entire Malvern community and beyond. Students will also learn photography, In Design, Photoshop, website, and social media skills. Students may choose to specialize in an area like reporting, editing, layout, or photography.
  • Yearbook (The Malvernian)

    The Malvernian is open to all Upper School Students and would love to include anyone who has an interest in photography, writing, and design. All creative minds are welcome in constructing the yearbook!

Activities: Athletics and Recreation

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  • Catholic Athletes for Christ

    Catholic Athletes for Christ (CAC) at Malvern is a group of students striving to be the best Christians and the best athletes that they can be. This group prays together, plays sports together, and serves our community. In addition to meetings, this group also has several events and field trips, including the Turkey Bowl, the 3vs3 basketball tournament benefiting Special Olympics, the visits to the Blessed Sarnelli Community in Kensington to feed the homeless, and visits to Catholic elementary schools to speak about CAC.
  • Intramurals

    The intramural program at Malvern runs throughout the entire year. Each season over two hundred students form teams and compete for championships in football, basketball, and speedball. The students also run a Christmas basketball tournament in addition to the regular season. There are separate divisions for freshmen and sophomores. Juniors and seniors are combined. In addition, there are opportunities to serve in the front office. This group is responsible for logistics and finding creative ways to make each season the best it can be.

Academic Credit

Each student must accumulate a minimum of 6 credits in either co-curricular activities or athletics between their freshman year and senior year. Each moderator is responsible for submitting those student life credits to the Director of Student Life. To help shape the Malvern student into a well-rounded individual, it is important that each student accumulate these 6 credits in two or more categories as outlined on the co-curricular activity list.
Malvern Preparatory School is an Augustinian School, Catholic and Independent for boys in grades 6 through 12, located in the Greater Philadelphia suburb of Malvern, Pa. We are committed to the Augustinian values of VeritasUnitas, and Caritas, meaning Truth, Unity, and Love.