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Welcome to Malvern Prep health services. The school employs a full-time nurse, a clinical psychologist, and Athletic Trainers to meet the health care needs of our students, faculty, and staff.

COVID-19 Response - Updated January 2022

The CDC and the Chester County Health Department have outlined new guidelines for quarantine, isolation, and testing which are shared below.

  • Effective 1/20/22, school districts are no longer authorized to conduct contact tracing. 

  • As a result, Malvern Prep will discontinue contact tracing and the process of identifying close contacts for quarantine.

  • Additionally, communications to close contacts who test positive for Covid-19 will no longer be sent to families.

  • We ask that you continue to report positive Covid-19 results.

  • Masks must be worn by all individuals for any occasion while indoors on campus.

  • If you test positive for COVID:
    Vaccinated or Unvaccinated: Stay home for 5 days. You can leave the house day 6-10 as long as symptoms are resolving. Continue to wear a mask at all times during days 6-10.
  • If you have been exposed to COVID:
    Vaccinated & Boosted(If eligible for Booster): Wear a mask while around others for 10 days; test on day 5 if possible.
    Unvaccinated or Vaccinated Without Booster: Stay home for 5 days and test on day 5. You can leave the house day 6-10 as long as symptoms are resolving. Continue to wear a mask at all times during days 6-10.
  • If a student/faculty/staff becomes ill with COVID or has been exposed to COVID and follows the appropriate guidelines above, a negative test is NOT required to return to campus.
  • At the suggestion of the Chester County Health Department, Malvern will no longer alert community members via text message if a positive case is identified in our community.
  • Reminders: continue to wash hands and if you are feeling sick, please stay home.

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Health Services FAQs

Health Services FAQs

Meet The Team

Dr. Dorothy Sayers

Clinical Psychologist

Mr. William Mills Jr.

Head Athletic Trainer, Assistant Athletic Director

Mr. Ryan O'Kane

Assistant Athletic Trainer