Christian Service Learning

Caritas - Veritas - Unitas

Welcome to Malvern Prep Christian Service Learning(CSL). I am thrilled to be part of this journey with our young Friars and help them see the face of Jesus by helping those in need in our communities.

With our Christian Service-Learning launch-students, faculty, staff, alumni, and families are invited to participate in dedicated school days that will offer both on and off campus service opportunities to help those in need. In addition, valuable CSL activities will be offered to promote volunteer work with and for the poor. Christian Service is a concrete way to put faith into practice. Whether students are delivering hot meals to people experiencing homelessness or hosting a Christmas party for underprivileged children, these shared experiences help students put their faith into action and generate life-changing insights.

We are excited to launch x2VOL, an online record and reflection platform, for the 2021-22 academic year. This advanced technology will empower students to record CSL experiences and reflect on the very important "why?" of Christian Service.  All students, faculty, and staff will receive training on our exciting, new program during Orientation.

Kelly Catania
Director of Christian Service Learning Programming

"To lead is to serve. To serve is to love"

Christian Service Dates & Themes - 2021/2022

Caritas - October 26 & 27, 2021

October Christian Service Learning days are designed to show our devotion to St. Augustine in caring for those less fortunate in our community.

Veritas - January 4 & 5, 2022 - POSTPONED

January Christian Service Learning days are designed to capture the truth of our mission and purpose as we work towards spreading truth in the Augustinian manner.

Unitas - March 8 & 9, 2022

March Christian Service Learning days call for unity, the core of our lives to recognize the importance of helping one another.

*These are 6 In-school required Service Days.

If a student is absent during any part of Caritas, Veritas or Unitas Days, all CSL experiences must be made up, approved, and submitted through before 5/1/2022.

1 Service Day = 5 hours

Malvern Community Completes Two Full Days of Christian Service

Service Hour Requirements

Service Options

Christian Service Connection

The Augustinian values of TruthUnity, and Love are instilled in Malvern students during their time here. These same values are put into practice during their Christian Service Trips. All juniors and seniors have the option to fulfill part of their service requirement through traveling domestically or internationally to one of multiple cities including- Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, New Orleans, Peru, and South Africa. Learn more about these trips through Global Programming.

If students would like to schedule and participate in ongoing Christian Service Learning, x2VOL will reflect ongoing opportunities. This will be updated frequently so please check your email.

Click here to access x2VOl

Two students pose with food collected and donated to the Chester County Food Bank.