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Beyond regular classroom work, young men at Malvern deepen their understanding of the world, their growing community ties, and their maturing faith through our rich offering of co-curricular experiences.Students explore hidden talents and find new passions through nearly 40 different clubs and activities at Malvern Prep.

Each club is moderated by a faculty or staff member who ensures that students find their niche and develop skills that complement their academics. A fun, social atmosphere encourages students to forge bonds with others who share similar interests and enhances a spirit of community among teachers and students outside the classroom.

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Malvern Prep's bee keeping club

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students enjoying art class at Malvern Prep
students at Malvern Prep engaging in art class
Malvern Prep's bee keeping club
Malvern Prep's wood shop club
Malvern Prep's theater production
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