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Malvern Prep Engineering Club

The Malvern Prep Engineering Club gives members the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the engineering design process. Members are encouraged to collaborate with different departments across Malvern Prep's Campus to provide student-led engineering support and solutions on a variety of projects. Students are involved in the entire design process - learning to use manufacturing tools and equipment along the way. All members of the Engineering Club have the opportunity to join and compete with the Malvern Prep Robotics Team.

Malvern Prep Robotics Team #1168

The Malvern Prep Robotics Team #1168 was created in 2003 and is currently one of the premiere Robotics programs in the region. Team #1168 competes each year in the prestigious FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC). Under the guidance of the club's moderators, members design and build a robot to compete with and against teams from across the region. Each year, teams of high school students, coaches, and mentors work together during a six-week period to build a robot capable of competing in that year's designated games. Games vary from year to year but continuously challenge engineers to create a robot that can maneuver throughout the course and complete the specific skills that earn points for their team. The competitions are fierce, lively, and very entertaining!

Middle School Robotics Club

Malvern Prep is proud to offer Middle School students the opportunity to join the Middle School Robotics Club. As members of the club students are also tasked with designing a robot to compete in a field that has a series of different opportunities and challenges for earning points. Each of those challenges offers teams any number of ways to design their robot to accomplish the task. There are no prescribed building instructions, so each team is free to brainstorm, build, and test their own ideas. Throughout the course of preparing for and competing in the competition, teams are constantly ideating, testing, and modifying based on what works and what needs improvement.

Design and Fabrication Lab

The Design and Fabrication Lab (Fab Lab) in The St. Augustine Center for Social Impact is home to the Malvern Prep Engineering Club and Robotics Team. The Fab Lab was designed for the entire student body to engineer, design, create, and even 3D print their own designs!

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    Thank you to the Robotics Team Sponsors:

    Thank you to the Malvern Prep Fathers' Club for their support of Malvern Robotics.

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    Middle School students work together during a meeting of the MS Robotics club.

    Contact the Robotic Team Moderators to Learn More:.

    High School Robotics:

    Mr. Kevin Quinn
    Mr. Louis Osinski

    Middle School Robotics:

    Mr. Robert Buscaglia
    Mr. Seth Loux